Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zeitgeist: Good Cop Bad Cop?

A new movement has arisen on the internet and on Youtube called Zeitgeist or the Venus Project. This group with extensive global connections has produced several conspiracy videos that claim the US government was behind 911 among other terrorist acts throughout history. Zeitgeist also attacks fractional reserve banking and does a great job explaning how this system enslaves the world. Yet, at the same time doing a meticulous job presenting the proof of 911 and the evils of fractional reserve banking, these people still hold onto the global warming myth, and then attack religion.

In addition to attempting to wake up the populous to a global conspiracy, Zeitgeist attacks all religion as a tool for social control. They claim Christianity is no different than any of the proceeding ancient religious traditions who featured gods born to virgins who were killed and resurrected. The Venus Project claims this common thread among religions is not as Justin Martyr claims that Satan is the great counterfeit and that other religions plagiarized Christianity which was known from the Adam. Instead Zeitgeist says that all religions are the same and Christianity copied all the others because the sun position in the sky at sunset, sets further and further in the Southern sky up to the Winter Solstice when for 3 days the sun sets at the same position before advancing again. Zeitgeist claims this annual dying and resurrection of the sun is the source for the all the common myths. However, the Book of Mormon reminds us that the Earth and planets and their regular motion and form to witness that there is a Supreme Creator.

It seems clear to me that this Venus Group and Zeitgeist movement is just another face of the same abomination. These people think that just because their left hand has produced war and slavery and death, that by revealing it the sheeple will come running into the arms of these atheists who say that human connection is the real spirituality and that we shouldn't be made to feel guilty for natural human appetites, and that we are all made of star dust and it is terrible that religion has come in between appreciating the truth of what we really are and how we are all a part of the infinite universe. Nevermind that these people also believe that when you die, thats the end of it for you.

However, Albert Pike, the Illuminati, and the Protocols of Zion are a little more sophisticated than playing good cop bad cop. Albert Pike in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 described world war 3 and said that during the conflict the atheists, deists, and nihlists would be unleashed but that the end goal was not atheism but a world occult religion. Pikes claim was that both Christianity and Atheism would both be destroyed by WW3. Maybe this will be when the world learns that, as some believe, the Catholic Church controls the anti-Zionist/Ashkenazi Jews, invented and controls Islam, and infiltrated and controls Protestantism. The Bible does say that the harlot that will be devoured by the beast is called the "Mother of all Abomination."

Not everything these people say is bad. I did like their point that technology can solve problems without needing to create more laws. Think of the speed limit for example. Instead of having to pay traffic cops to ticket us when we get going to fast, technology can allow the car to know its position and the posted speed limit and not allow the car to exceed that speed. This is a way to let technology protect us and not big government. They also say that in the future that machines and technology can be used to eliminate the need for anyone to do manual labor. However, the error of Zeitgeist is that technology has become their god and savior.

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