Monday, June 07, 2010

Beware of Alex Jones and Anger

If you have seen clips of the movie "Network" it depicts a raving news reporter who rants nightly about the poverty, violence, and illness in the world that seems to be set up that way by those who are in control. At the end, the reporter gets the people to open their windows and yell out "I am sick and tired and I am not going to take it any more."

Another movie called "Soylent Green" depicts the country under the New World Order with artificially limited resources and a total police state. When a woman standing in a bread line (soylant green line) gets fed up and yells out, "I am a person, and I am not going to take it any more" the riot police get called out and they scoop up all the people and take them away to the the FEMA concentration camps. During the chaos, the hero of the film who is investigating Soylent Green is selectively targeted for assassination.

When I listen to Alex Jones who was recommended to me by a friend who is related to a major Tea Party organizer, and is connected to the Order of Malta, I appreciate that he is covering the important issues, but I question his continual ranting and trying to get people to get angry. It seems Alex Jones is continually trying to get people to get out there and rise up and be vocal against the globalists. We should stand up for freedom and not fear death. However, I would say that we need to beware of anger and never break the law.

Some people on the internet question whether the current admissions of corruption by the globalists is part of a operation called "operation trojan horse" where certain persons will be targeted during the chaos when martial law is imposed. True or not, anger is never the answer. We can stand up for freedom and liberty and the constitution and Bill of Rights without anger. As long as the Constitution still stands we can preserve our freedom without the shedding of blood.

I have been getting the sense also that there are several ways that the globalists will try to incite anger among the people. If you watch clips of the movie "Network" the whole point of the ranting by the News anchor was to cause anger. He falsely tells us to "Get angry and yell I am a human being and I am not going to take this any more". But if you watch "Soylent Green" the globalist tell you what they will do to you if you get angry. They will round you up and take you to a FEMA camp. Don't give the globalists power to take you away. Don't break the law, and don't get caught in an angry demonstration where they can "kettle" the crowd, or plant anarchists, or use mind control (the loud speakers) to trigger riots.

Here is a few ways in which the globalists may plan to trigger anger.
1. Confiscation of guns. Charlton Heston is one of these people and is very active in the NRA.
2. Confiscation of gold. Think, why would all the commercials and TV be about buying gold?
3. Income Tax. Do not fall into the trap of tax evasion. Just because your Government representative doesn't pay, doesn't mean you can get away without paying.
4. Admitting to False Flag Events and Illegal Behavior. The globalists have admitted to 911, causing the banking crisis, and will likely admit to the BP oil spill. They have admitted to growing opium in Afghanistan when the Taliban actually got rid of the poppies in 1999. Our troops in Afghanistan now guard the opium poppies. The globalists have also admitted to bringing in the Cocaine from Columbia.
5. Civil Disobedience. Do not let them convince you to break the law. That gives them all power and you forfeit any and all rights you have left. But never fear to speak to others.
6. Dehumanization. The Veri-Chip RFID tags, the naked body scanners at the airports, and all the traffic cams are meant to dehumanize us to trigger anger. Remember that you are a child of god no matter how others treat us.
7. October Surprise? The globalists may try something big to influence the November elections. FEMA and Pres Obama have said they are concerned about a nuclear detonation in an American City. If they say they are concerned, I am concerned. The events depicted in the movie "The Day After" occurred in Kansas City on Sat. Oct 16. If there was a nuclear accident anywhere in the Missouri/Mississippi watershed, it would poison 1/3 fresh water in America. SPP summit made all Canadian fresh water communal in 2009.

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Lyrik said...

"As long as the Constitution still stands we can preserve our freedom without the shedding of blood."

But they don't respect the Constitution! They seem to place a few judges in the right places and get whatever they want. They give you two people to choose from so you feel you are still in control. The Constitution is constantly under attack - virtually every day it seems. The majority of the people lets it happen without a peep. They are too busy to investigate anything. It's not at all hard to see things are moving towards a "safer", less free world. Truly Orwellian. Why should we respect the laws when our leaders repeatedly do not? I'd like a wire tap on them! I'd like their words to mean something.