Sunday, June 13, 2010

Downfall June 22, 2010: Just a Game Show?

Pres. Obama said during his UN Nuclear Summit in 2010 this year that he was worried about rouge terrorist goups getting nuclear material from Iran and North Korea and setting off some sort of nuclear devices in US cities. link

Operation Black Jack was a series of cartoons posted on the UK telegraph website last year pointing to June 22 as when then several US cities, Mexico City, and London could be hit by a nuclear attack and martial law is imposed and the people are all given government ID's.

Jericho was a TV series about 1994-5 which depicted the US after 23 cities were destroyed by nulcear attack. The country was divided into 4 republics.

Big Brother 9 had an episode where the contestants were given a clue associated with promoting the show Jericho which was "Hudson River Virus" and given a barrel of peanuts. No one could figure out the mystery. All, I have to say is, Don't eat the government peanuts or peanut butter. Peanuts can carry virus. Link

Now we have a gameshow slated to debute on June 22, 2o1o, hosted by a WWE wrestler named Chis Jericho, Set on a 1o story building in Los Angeles. The executive producer is Scott St. John. St. John is the patron saint of the Order of Malta, the same illuminati order who brought us 911. The show is produced by Freemantle Media which has some sort of atomic-looking logo. The show is supposed to have contestants participate in challenges for valuable prizes. If they lose, the prize is dropped off the building and smashed on the street below.

FEMA in its NLE2010 has been having drills to practice for a nuclear bomb being detonated in Los Angeles this year and last year. The Savannah River Site has just opened a new Radiological evidence processing lab and hired 15 FBI agents. FEMA has bodybags, they have 1 mil plastic coffins and lids sitting in fields in Conyers, and Madison, GA, and they have newly contructed mass graveyards in Houston, Phoenix, and Southern, CA. And the American Stonehendge or Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, GA says to limit the world population to 500 mil.

Is this Downfall show just a game show? Or is this some sort of sick joke? Why associate the names St. John, June 22, Los Angeles and Jericho? If MI5 gives a terrorism warning about June 20th, then events are following the Blackjack timeline.

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