Sunday, June 06, 2010

Few Thoughts

1. Alien Invasion. While I believe that there is life on other planets, I do not believe they are visiting our planet. Alien UFO's don't exist. FEMA has actually done drills preparing for an alien invasion. The Vatican has come out in the past 5 years saying alien races do exist, they are our brothers, and are superior because they are not subject to the fall. The government has been conducting a misinformation campaign called operation RedLight releasing false UFO information and having Buzz Aldrin on Larry King say he believes in UFOs and using the media like CoasttoCoast to prepare our minds for some type of staged event.

At some future date, there could be some sort of staged alien invasion. Project Blue Beam uses holographic technology to simulate this. The US has very advanced propulsion systems that the general person is unaware of. The space shuttle is 1940s technology. Stealth is 1050s technology. This may be a good way to get rid of our nuclear arsenals. There may be bad aliens who are defeated by good aliens. Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying in several speeched that it would be a good thing if we were threatened by an outside force that would serve to unify the peoples of the world.

2. Wicca/New Age Movement. This seems to be the new globalist religion. I have several friends who believe in this. It is interesting that the Maya did understand the Procession of the Equinoxes, and that the axis of the Earth has not always pointed at Polaris but exhibits a 26,000 circular wobble. According to these people, the Long Count begun in 3114 BCE, with the age of Tarus (Bull), and progressed through the age of Aries (Ram), and the age of Pisces (Fish), and ends in 2012 with the new age of Aquarius (Boy pouring out water). These people have built underground cities where they will go while the Earth is purified by fire, war, and disease. Going into caves and being reborn again is a very Pagan/Mayan idea. To a Maya, the gods live under the Earth. I hope there isn't a big Earthquake while they are down there. 2012 is not on God's calender, but it seems to be on the calender of the globalists.

3. October Surprise. President Obama in a recent UN Nuclear Summit have said they are concerned about terrorists setting of a nuclear device in a US city. FEMA has conducted several national drills like NLE 2010 to prepare for such an eventuality. I was watching "The Day After" the other day which depicts Kansas City, MO get destroyed on a Saturday Oct 16th. I hope the globalists do not plan any such events preceding the elections. Reagan says he watched that movie before going to a nuclear summit with Gorbachev and considered getting rid of all nuclear weapons. Too bad they didn't. Kansas City is to be the central hub of the NAFTA/SPP Superhighway and I think the globalists have given up on imposing eminent domain to expand and widen the the highway from Texas to Kansas. They had a tough fight in Texas. Any nuclear accident in the Missouri/Mississippi watershed area would contaminate at least 1/3 of the fresh water in America. Could such an event represent the 3rd Trumpet of the Apocalypse?

4. Carrington Event. For some odd reason government Space Weather scientists have been saying again and again that we could be headed for record solar activity, solar flares, and geomagnetic storms. They have been saying that we could be at serious risk for severe geomagnetic storms like the Carrington Event in 1859 which overloaded the telegraph system and caused the telegraph wires and offices to burn. A Carrington like even would have an identical destructive effect as a high altitude nuclear explosion and EMP. Several HAARP facilities together may also be able to simulate a geomagnetic storm and destroy the power grid.

However, what gets me is, how the scientists know that that will be a Carrington like event at all? The Sun has just gone through a record solar minimum with no sun spots at all for several years. In fact scientists Rightmire and Hathaway published a paper in Science about higher meridional flows resulting in less sun spots. Despite the predictions of government scientists, Rightmire and Hathaway say that current high meridional flows predict a weak solar cycle. Another opinion is that increased cosmic rays could effect the sun but I'm not sure how they know that either. usually higher solar wind means lower cosmic rays.

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