Saturday, June 19, 2010

Helen Thomas Deception

One thing that John Todd supposed illuminati turned Born-again Christian said that I believe about the great global conspiracy is that is absolutely anti-Zionist. And if you think about, wouldn't Lucifer have to be? Zion is the enemy of the New World Order and that is why the conspiracy has infiltrated Judaism via the Celts and Khazars and always makes sure the media associates the conspiracy with Zionism.

Last week we had some incredible drama with regard to this issue. Long time White House correspondant Helen Thomas while at some party came out suddenly after all these years saying she felt all the Jews should go back to Poland? You know, I actually believe she feels this way, the deception comes in the ability of the administation to throw her out in an attempt to appear pro-Israel and pro-Zionism. Don't be deceaved. The global conspiracy is anti-Zionist at it's very core and this latest piece of drama was one last great act of service and sacrifice by Helen Thomas for her Masters.

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