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Mayhem is Coming? The Anti-Zionist Conspiracy

I was at a restaurant with my family today and caught a commercial for Allstate Insurance. Their new slogan was a bit disturbing. The slogan was printed in white lettering on a black screen "Mayhem is coming" then "you are in good hands with Allstate."

A nurse friend of mine at work is named James Medici. He is related to the the famous Medici family in Rome who funded the Rennaissance, continued the banking tradition of the Knights Templars, Knights Hospitalers, Order of Malta and boast several Catholic Popes. James father was and is a major Tea Party organizer. T-shirt designs James made mocking President Obama were sent to GOP organizers and ended up on CNN. My friend James encouraged me to listen to Alex Jones who is a famous conspiracy theorist radio host who originates his broadcast from Austin, TX.

Alex Jones is the most famous conspiracy theorist radio talk show personality in tbe country. His popularity has recently increased sharply as more mainsteam radio hosts such as Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report has been referencing and linking to his website Alex Jones has also been featured as a guest on latenight CoasttoCoastAM several times recently. Alex Jones popularity comes from his predicting the 911 attack before it happened as well as infiltrating and video taping the ultra secret Bohemian Grove satanic "cremation of care" ritual.

However, Alex Jones wasn't the first to predict 911 before it happened as an excuse to go to war in the Middle East. Before Alex Jones was Bill Cooper. Bill Cooper focused on teaching his members about the Anti-Zionist Illuminati Illuminati/Vatican/New World Order Conspiracy and how to identify their Babylon Mystery Religion and Occult symbolism. Alex Jones seemed to replace Bill Cooper but there are important topics that Cooper discussed that Alex does not.

However, like CoasttoCoastAM, Cooper was into talking about UFOs and the goverment conspiracy to cover this up. But then things changed and Bill Cooper learned through his network that the whole UFO thing is a sham misinformation campaign called Operation Redlight designed to make us think the government is hiding the reality of UFO contact. Then in a future Operation Blue Beam the government who has been hiding decades of advanced technology will reveal this new technology, plasma weapons, and advanced propulsion systems, and holographic imaging for the purpose of causing us to believe that the Earth is being invaded by ETs.

This fabricated ET invasion will occur after a nuclear war causing the people of the Earth to come together against a common threat. Any remaining nuclear weapons will be used to try and defeat the bad aliens, but without sucess. Only at the last will good aliens arrive and save us. These good aliens will then mock Christianity and tell us that Lucifer is the real god we should be worshipping. This is Operation Bluebeam. After flipping on the UFO issue, Bill Cooper was killed by police in a bazzare incident. This may be how the Beast devours the Harlot.

Now if you think this plan is crazy, just consider a few facts. For the past four years the Vatican has been making official statements endorcing the existence of ET/UFOs and saying "they are our brothers" and may be spiritually superior to us because they were never subject to the fall. Larry King has dedicated numerous shows in the past years on UFOs and has officials from the Vatican.

However, LDS know that while life on other planets does exist, that God has never and will never send angels or messengers to this Earth but only those who corespond to this world. See God is a God of Order and would never send someone who is not Adam himself or a son of Adam. Joseph Smith the Lords prophet of this dispensation was taught this in the Doctrine and Covenants.

But you can't trust Alex Jones. See he originally had Pat Buchanan on his show and Pat Buchanan is a well known Order of Malta initiate as well as an advisor to both Nixon and Reagan. And since Nixon and Reagan were both Bohemian Grove illuminati initiates, it stands to reason Pat Buchanan as well as Lord Montcken and Alex Jones are all Order of Malta.

Alex Jones has been trying to distance himself from Pat Buchanan and even criticized him recently. This is because Pat Buchanan is a well known member of the Order of Malta. However, Alex Jones has Jesse Ventura on his show all the time and Jesse Ventura before he was Gov or Minn, he was a WWE wrestler and WWE wrestling is illuminati. Just think what a lie WWE wrestling is. How do all those athletes get away with doing Steroids while other athletes can't? And come on, how does a WWE wrestler become a govenor? Only through illuminati money and power.

What is the relationship between the illuminati and the Order of Malta? First off both were created by the Vatican. Second, it is like good cop/bad cop. While one side is threatening to destroy the world, the other side is offering to save us. But either way the same people end up ruling over us and taking away our liberty in exchange for safety. These two organizations are the double-headed eagle or the 2 venomous snakes conjured before Moses by the priests of Phoaroh.

Let me make myself very clear. I have made this mistake as well but the illuminati conspiracy continually tries to associate itself with Jewish Zionism. John Todd a high ranking illuminati who falsely claimed he turned evangelical did reveal some important info on the conspiracy. John Todd was very explicit that the conspiracy and the Jewish Bankers associated as part of it are not Zionist. These people are working against Zion in Israel and here in America. Think about it, that is why Celtic/Khazar Jews seem to be stirring the pot along with illuminati Pallestinians and Arabs on the other side. Most regular Saphartic Jews and true Muslims have lived together peacefully for hundreds of years and want peace.

As part of the plan to destroy Zion in America, the globalist anti-Zion conspiracy seeks to first create the North American Union and then divide the United States. It seems that globalist want to create a king of the North, King of the South situation like in the days of Ptolemy and Seleucus as described in Daniel 11. These kings and their decendants had endless wars over contol of the Greek Empire and seemed to continually end up fighting over Jerusalem. After Obama who serves as a mouthpiece for the conspiracy falls, we are warned about the little horn or anti-Christ who arises out of the Land of the North.

Although he cannot be trusted completely, Alex Jones has been warning that the globalists are planning a false-flag nuclear attack on multiple US cities which will be blamed on a complex association between US militia groups, Alqaeda, Iran and North Korea. However, this whole thing is a set up. However the plan is now underway as we have seen Militia groups arrested, and arrests at several military bases by individuals or pairs who we are told are seeking to attack the base (NJ, Tampa, Fort Gordon).

Unfortunately, this is not all. President Obama told us in his UN nuclear summit earlier this year that the number one threat to America was terrorists setting of nukes in American cities. Accordingly, FEMA in it's NLE 2010 exercises has been preparing for a nuclear attack on Los Angeles. FEMA has also recently purchased 10s of millions of body bags, millions of plastic coffins and lids which sit stacked in rows in fields in Conyers and Madison GA. And the US goverment has completed construction on several mass grave sites in Houston, Phoenix, and Southern California that I am aware of. The mitary has also conducted drills in 09 and 10 called Ardent Sentry.

There is also a date out there for this possible false flag attack of June 22, 2010. The occult numerologist like this number for several reasons:
Days between 9/11 and Madrid bombing = 911
First detonation on 7/7 = 11 minutes to 9 am
11/9/2001 to 22/6/2010 = 8 years, 9 months, 11 days.
11 September to June 22 = 9 months 11 days
Reichstag fire (staged) to Pearl Harbor (encouraged/allowed) = 3205 days.
9/11 to Operation Blackjack = 3205 days.

This scenario of a nuclear attack “That Jesus will be a resident on the earth a thousand [years] with the Saints is not the case, but will reign over the Saints and come down and instruct, as he did the five hundred brethren [see 1 Corinthians 15:6], and those of the first resurrection will also reign with him over the Saints.”23
wrestler Chris Jericho, it's director is Scott St. John. St. John is the patron saint of the Order of Malta also known as the Order of St. John. The producers are Freemantle Media which has a nuclear symbol as it's logo. When I saw the commercial for this game show set for June 22nd, it got my attention.

There are many other clues out there that are being discussed on numerous forums. Interesting that Alex Jones hasn't mentioned Operation Blackjack since last year. He just warns "their gonna nuke us" on a daily basis but he's not calling for violence as he yells and rants into his mike. Another major clue is that the global banking and financial conference G8 and G29 are set in Toronto for June 25-27. The Canadian media has been all over trying to figure our why Canada has spent over 1 Billion for security for this conference. Can you imagine 1 Billion dollars? It only makes sense to spend that much if the globalist have just made some people very angry.

Reading John Taylors vision of destruction and Horseshoe prophecy provide a clear picture of the likely progression of events. The globalist Bildeberg conference was held on June 3, 2010 where the green light was given to attack Iran. But the American public won't support a pre-emptive strike against Iran especially with their most recent public demonstrations against their corrupt government. But if US cities are attacked, then the US will attack Syria, Iran and North Korea. And the consequences will be WW3 and drawing in Russia and China against the US.

The US put all it's nuclear silos in Western Missouri, the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Montana. This means that any nuclear response by Russia will target the missile silos. And because only a direct hit will take out a missile silo, these area will be carpet bombed. The consequences are that the nuclear fallout from this attack will completely devestate the states of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois as John Taylor saw in vision. This devistation will cause famine and famine will cause the horrors seen in the vision. I have to think the placement of these missile silos was purposeful.

However, everyone should know that the US nuclear missles are no longer in those midwest silos. Jesse Ventura did a show on this and described how contracters were building 2012 shelters out of the silos for the ultra wealthy. So there is no need to carpet bomb them. So, this is great, Russia is going to carpet bomb the Midwest and destroy the bread basket of America and the world and the nukes aren't even there. If this happens you know this whole thing is a setup to depopulate the globe because if Jesse Ventura knows the nukes ain't there the Russians should know.

Violence gets so bad in the cities that John Taylor said the LDS church would be forced to leave Salt Lake and head South forming a horseshoe. This is speculation, but if you look at a nuclear fallout map Southern California and Florida get hit hard but nothing like the Midwest. The nuclear fallout from the carpet bombing empty nuclear silos will spread across the northern half of the country. That leaves a horseshoe area in the South from Arizona to Texas to Georgia as clear. Could this be Pres Taylors horseshoe?

Unfortunately, Pres Taylor says many will leave the church if not killed in the rioting. I think it is a generally accepted misconception by LDS that the church will be entirely immune to the tribulation. Joseph Smith said otherwise in the Joseph Smith manual. Yes, if we are prepared we shall not fear but many in the LDS chuch are guilty of many of the same sins as the rest of America and thus will be subject to the same necessary redemptive turbulance and refining fire as the rest of America.

It is interesting that the LDS church may go South before moving to inherit Jackson County. Pres Taylor indicated in his vision of destruction that many Saints would travel by river as cars will not work either due to EMP or lack of gasoline. Intersting that cash for clunkers got ride of most cars without electronics. That means if there is an EMP or false Carrington Event, cars won't work, all electronics will be toasted.

Daniel says in the Bible that the angry Goat with the single horn strikes the ram with the two horns representing the Medes (Iraq) and Persia (Iran). After striking the Ram and breaking the two horns the horn of the goat is broken. Therefore, just like Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire, America will be divided into 4 republics.

Whatever the outcome, Joseph Smith said that many LDS Saints held the misconception that they would be completely immune from the tribulation. Bro Joseph said that although many LDS would be saved, that many would be subject to disease and death for the simple reason that all men are mortal and subject to death. Bro Joseph also said that dying or living does not mean you were more or less righteous. In many cases some may live because they still require further sanctification and proving. Pres Taylor suggested in the horseshoe prophecy that many may fall away from the faith because of this false expectation of immunity. However, Pres Taylor makes the point that because the Saints have adopted much of the evils of Babylon that the Saibts will require the same sort of chastening. Yet the scriptures assure, for the elect sake, those days will be shortened.

In Elberton, GA is a monument errected by the globist/anti-Zionist conspiracy. It is called the Georgia Guidestones or the American Stonehinge. This granite monument gas it's own set of 10 Commandments written in various ancient languages. The first calla to maintain the world population to 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. The second calks for strict repoductive controls. The last says "stop being a cancer upon the Earth, make room for nature, make room for nature". This sentament about man being a cancer was expteased by Agent Smith in the Matrix. But remember, it has bern the elite aristocracy that causes the poverty and big business that has done the polluting, yet they blame that on the regular people. Make no mistake, these people want to kill 90% off the worlds population while they are hunkered down in their 2010 shelters and in their underground cities and based. The Lord said if did nor shorten those days there would be no flesh left upon the Earth. I hope there are no big Earthquakes while the elite ate hiding underground.

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