Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3: Predictive Programming

I encouraged my family to see Toy Story 3 today because I had the feeling there would be some predictive programming in it. Oh my, I was not disappointed. The movie starts out with the usual make believe intro that mimics the intro in Toy Story 1. In this new and improved play scene, Sherrif Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys are subjected to a super "death by monkeys" Ray that forms a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Later on in the plot. Andy is going off to college and is faced with the difficult decision of what to do with his toys. Does he store them in the attic, toss them out, or donate them to the daycare. Through some misunderstanding, all the toys end up at the daycare where we are introduced to the villain Lotso. The Daycare seems nice at first but quickly turns into a martial law concentration camp with security cameras everywhere. There are many rainbow images associated with the daycare and the transition from the illusion of paradise to the horrible reality of martial law.

The villain Lotso and his mob read Buzz Lightyear's user manual and learn he has a special switch that will alter his personality. After forcably swiching Buzz's hidden switch, Buzz turn into a mindless SS/Nazi/Gestopo/Dr. Jeckyll who serves as an abusive jail warden over the other toys. The toys try to reset Buzz but succeed only changing him into Spanish Mode. As the Mexican Buzz Lightyear, Buzz helps the rest of Andys toys escape from the daycare.

By the end of the film the toys accidently fall into the garbage while trying to escape the daycare/concentration camp. Before falling into the garbage, Woody confronts Lotso and reveals to Lotso's mob all the many lies he had been telling them. Lotso tries to justify his behavior by saying that the toys themselves created the pyramid with him at the top.

Just before being thrown into the fire the group is saved by space aliens who rescue the toys from incineration. The movie ends with Woody causing Andy to give all the toys to a little girl in the neighorhood named Bonnie.

What surprised me is that if you read my previous posts you should be able to recognize that the Toy Story 3 plot is cleaver predictive programming of what the Illuminati want to do. As Alex Jones has been saying, FEMA has been preparing, and Pres Obama has been fearing, nuclear bombs will be detonated in US cites. Following this catastophe, the American people will be forced to accept the North American Union (daycare) which seems good at first but turns out to be a complete nightmare. Like Buzz Lightyear it may well be that some of our own neighbors have been undergone mind control and will serve the new government to spy and oppress the rest of us. The Mexican Buzz represents how the Hispanic who will live thoughout the NAU after unification may be used to fracture the country later after the truth of the illuminati conspiracy comes out. But after America divides parts of America may be vulnerable to Chinese and Russian invasion and control.

Then when Lotso made his commpent about contructing the pyramid with himself at the top, the illuminati connection was undeniable. The salvation from complete firery destruction at the end by Aliens refers to the future Operation BlueBeam where the globalist/anti-scientists will use advanced propulsion, energy, and weapons systems to make us think we are being invaded by ET/UFOs. However in the end the Earth unites against a common enemy under a one world government, however, when ot seems all is lost, we are saved by a species of good aliens who tell us Christianity is false and Lucifer or Goddess is the true religion of all advanced and spiritually enlightened species. The symbolism associated with Andy giving his toys to Bonnie represent the New Age Movement of Aquarius where the female or "Goddess" becomes the object of man's veneration.


Anonymous said...

Great post! && did you notice how mrs potatoe head had ONE EYE? that was kind of a slap in the face...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1, wow I did not even notice the All Seeing eye reference, the eye was even actually ALL SEEING. Jeeze.

I seriously started to question what the hell was going on as all the toys joined hands with faces of resolve as they faced their inevitable death by cremation.

W. T. F.

Anonymous said...

when you're specifically LOOKING for things, you'll definitely end up seeing them. you try to find conspiracy everywhere, like in a damn kids movie, then you'll make up these kinds of connections in your head. calm down and maybe go see a psychiatrist.

David B said...

I am not saying this story line will happen, but I am saying that this story line has become a reoccuring theme. This plot contains all the most popular conspiracy themes: nuclear mushroom cloud, martial law, conspiracy/illuminati/mafia pyramid, mind control, and UFOs coming to the rescue.

I agree it sounds strange but not any stranger and put of place than the pyramid/illuminati dialog in the movie. I can understand that there are many people who cannot face the reality of the world we live in. The truth is I was ignorant until I met multiple people on the inside who have verified that the conspiracy is the true reality.

sword of truth said...


I noticed the NWO references too. What about the FEMA camp watch towers! good post.


Anonymous said...

Dudes. What the fuck are you talking about.