Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Squalene Listed as an Adjavent in the H1N1 Vaccine?

Here are the structures of 3 very important bioactive molecules in the Body. The first one that looks like a snake is called Squalene. This is found in high concentrations in shark oil. The second structure is of Vitamin D and the third is the structure of cholesterol. Notice how the structures of each of these molecules are similar. Now, please look at the molecular pathway detailed in this graphic from the PNAS which illustrates how the body builds cholesterol. Please notice that Squalene is a precursor in the synthesis of the cholesterol molecule (middle column, second from the top). Now realize that sex hormones and Vitamin D are made from Cholesterol by changing some of the side chains.

Now, first off, there has been a great level of confusion in medicine about the issue of Cholesterol. I have written about this before but never until recently understood what it was all about. when you doctor measures your Cholesterol levels, the LDL, HDL and Triglycerides measured has nothing to do with the molecule of Cholesterol that is depicted above. LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein and HDL stands for High Density Lipoprotein. Additionally, Cholesterol has nothing to do with LDL and HDL. Lipoproteins and the Cholesterol molecule have nothing to do with one another. Eating high amounts of the Cholesterol molecule such as is found in egg yolk has no negative effects on LDL or HDL levels. However, because of the mistaken identity, the egg yolk myth has been widely propagated.

Cholesterol is an essential molecule in the body that is an important constituent of all cell walls and the endoplasmic reticulum within the cell. Cholesterol keeps cell wall and ER membranes fluid and supple. Cholesterol is made via a complex synthesis pathway that begins with the enzyme HMG-CoA Reductase in the liver. Cholesterol is converted into all sorts of important hormones like vitamin D, cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. These master signal molecules are critical in multiple processes involving brain and nerve function, immune function, and reproduction.

Knowing the importance of cholesterol, It didn't make sense to my Medical School Geriatrics professor who questioned why we were putting everyone on Statins/HMG-CoA inhibitors/Cholesterol blockers. According to him, the molecule of Cholesterol had nothing to do with LDL and HDL and low Cholesterol levels were associated with brain atrophy and dementia.

The second attack on Cholesterol comes from immunizations. Vaccine manufactures have been adding squalene as an adjuvant to many vaccines including H1N1. Adjuvants are molecules the rev up the bodies immune system. Many times a live attenuated virus or dead virus vaccine does not get the immune system turned on enough to produce an adequate immune response. So, adjuvants are used to cause a more robust response in the hope of creating a better more long lasting immunity (more memory B cells and antibodies). However, if squalene is a natural and integral precursor in the production of cholesterol, how could squalene stimulate the immune system at all? Squalene is not an adjuvant.

My biochemistry professor in Medical School said that Alzheimer's Disease occurs when too much cholesterol incorporates itself into the Endoplasmic Reticulum and it gets too floppy and a particular receptor in the ER that is supposed to get cleaved out and replaced gets cut incorrectly by a protease and consequently is not recognized by proteins but in charge of taking the garbage protein to the Lysosome to get degraded. The consequence of this is that B-amyloid protein builds up in the cell, free iron weakly binds to the mass of protein and caused increased oxidative stress and damage to the cell via Fenton Chemistry and the Haber-Weiss Reaction. However, I think he was telling us a story. Now that I realize the war on Cholesterol and Vitamin D, I realize that the real problem is not enough cholesterol and Vitamin D. A stiff ER membrane with low Cholesterol makes more sense. ApoE is the protein is necessary for transporting Cholesterol to the cell and signaling the LDL to be taken up by the cell (endocytosis).

Dr. Robert Garry from Tulane testified before a House Sub-Commitee that he has demonstrated that Gulf War Syndrome is a consequence of the body developing antibodies to squalene. This explains why soldiers who didn't go to Iraq developed Gulf War Syndrome similar to those who went. It turns out that squalene was first used as an adjuvant in the military's Anthrax vaccine.

Knowing that squalene cannot possibly be an adjuvant as Novartis and other producers claim, then that leaves only one reason why it is in there. Squalene has to be present in H1N1 to see if the body will make antibodies against squalene as well as making antibodies against the flu virus. And if the body makes antibodies against squalene, then the body will attack all the squalene in the body and the body will be unable to produce its own cholesterol, vitamin D, sex steroids, and cortisol. Then if cholesterol is not ingested in the diet, a person will become sterile, the immune system will fail, and the brain will atrophy.

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