Monday, July 19, 2010

Fluoride Conspiracy

1. Fidel Castro. It looks like Fidel Castro has joined the doomers club predicting war with Iran and nuclear bombs in America. I guess I can't say I am surprised that Castro would be siding with the many psychics (computers and people) in predicting doom in America. So, far nothing has happened and several dates have come and gone (June 22, July 11). My original date was Sat Oct 16th which is the date depicted in the movie "The Day After".

2. Fluoride. The purpose of water fluoridation was to put 1ppm of fluoride in public water to prevent cavities. However, I came across an article posted at the MCG website where scientists have measured dangerous levels of fluoride in Green and Black Tea. Turns out ice tea, the worlds number 1 beverage could contain up to 9 mg/1L which is 9 ppm. USDA reports on fluoride levels in food from 2004 and 2005 list the fluoride levels only at only 3 ppm. High fluoride levels in tea is due to the use of the fluoride-based pesticide sulfuryl fluoride which is concentrated in the tea leaves.

3. Powdered Eggs. The real surprise was the level of fluoride in powdered eggs at 900 ppm. That level nearly rivals toothpaste at 1450 ppm. The high level of fluoride in powdered eggs is do to the use of a Dow Chemical product called ProFume used in sanitizing food handling areas. Instant tea, non-dairy creamer and powdered eggs contained the highest levels of fluoride. The reason I was disappointed to hear about powdered eggs being tainted is because I was wanting to include it in my food storage as a source of cholesterol after we all become cholesterol deficient in the next famine due to the squalene (cholesterol precursor) antibodies we now have developed thanks to Norvartis using squalene as an adjavant in H1N1 and other vaccines.

4. Chemical and Engineering News. The apparent benefit of water fluoridation, reduced tooth decay, may simply be a function of delayed tooth eruption, Limeback said. It is well-known that permanent teeth take longer to erupt in children who drink fluoridated water, he observed. Studies comparing decay rates in fluoridated and nonfluoridated communities usually assess the mean number of decayed, missing, and filled surfaces (DMFS) in permanent teeth of 12-year-old children. For example, a study conducted in 1990 found that 12-year-old children in fluoridated areas of the U.S. had a mean DMFS score of 2.46, while those in nonfluoridated areas had a score of 2.97 ( J. Dental Res. 1990, 69 Special Issue, 723). However, "if you control for delayed tooth eruption, the study shows no benefit,"

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