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New Possible Terrorism Date: 7/11/2010

[Whatever may or may not happen on 7/11/2010, I have nothing whatever to do with it]

In a previous post, I was following online talk about Operation Blackjack. Operation Blackjack featured at the UK Telegraph is a series of slide shows that depicts nuclear bombs being detonated in London, Toronto, Mexico City and several US cities. Following the attack, martial law is imposed on the US according to REX84, Continuity of Government, and numerous Executive Orders. The result is that the United States, Mexico, and Canada were unified becoming the North American Union. Interestingly, the Operation Blackjack slide show predicted the new British Prime Minister 5-6 months before he was elected.

After many false arrests are made, and Iran is blamed and destroyed, it comes out a year later that the attacks were an inside job (new world order/anti-Zionist/globalist elites) and there is a civil was resulting in the fracturing of the US into 4 parts (California Republic, Texas Republic, North Central America, Atlantic America). Details of this scenario have been predicted in TV Series "Jericho" as well as foreshadowed in the recent gameshow "Downfall" which first aired on June 21, 2010.

According to the scenario, the date of the detailed fictitious attack described in Operation Blackjack was June 21, 2010. However, that day came and went without incident and many looking out for Operation Blackjack were relieved. However, what I recently discovered was that there was a threat made on 6/21 by al-Qaeda of an even bigger attack against the US than 911.

Adam Gadahn, the US-born spokesman for al-Qaeda, has sent out a warning that the militant group intends to "even the score" with the Americans. Considering the hundreds of thousands and even millions of Iraqi's and Afghan's who have died since 911, if this guy is serious, that would mean millions of Americans could at risk. Adam Gadahn made this threat against the US on 6/21. Unfortunately, it just so happens that 7/11 is 21 days after 6/21. 21 days = Blackjack.

Why could 7/11 be a significant and symbolic for our occult/Illuminati/globalist friends? Well, first off there is the last of 3 solar eclipses that day. Second, it is the date of the finals of the World Cup with the Orangemen of the Netherlands playing vs. Spain. Third, 7/11 is world population day and we know according to the Georgia Guidestones the elite's goal is to cause world depopulation. I have been watching some of the World Cup and the sound of the trumpets from the crowd and all the spirals in the logo are warning of the impending chaos.

Lets look at facts and a bit of speculation:
1. Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America by President Bush sets up the framework for the future North American Union. There have been SPP summits each year except 2010 which is the year of implementation.

2. REX84, Continuity of Government plans, and numerous Executive Orders give supreme power to FEMA when a national emergency is declared. FEMA has set up a series of concentration camps, they have recently secured millions of body bags, plastic coffins, and constructed several mass grave sites.

3. The Illuminati are into numerology and astrology and there are hundreds of convergences with the dates 6/21/2010 as well as 7/11/2o1o. Double numbers are considered master numbers in numerology. 11 means chaos while 44 means change. Accordingly, Obama is the 44th president and the 11th president since WW2. WWE is 44 years old, the Saints won Super Bowl 44, and US postage is 44c. And to top it all off, there will be a prominent solar eclipse that day.

4. The global elites met on June 5th for their annual Bildeberg Conference and gave the green light to strike Iran. The US would never support a preemptive strike against Iran and the many freedom-loving people there who demonstrated in the streets unless there was a massive false flag (Pearl Harbor/911) attack on the US.

5. Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist radio talk show personality in Austin, TX who is Order of Malta and has been predicting a nuclear detonations in the US all year long. Alex Jones took the place of Bill Coopper who first predicted 911 well before it happened. Alex Jones is a big Tea Party, States Rights, Ron Paul supporter but who has had Pat Buchanan and Jesse Ventura and Lord Monckton on his show numerous times. All these guys are Order of Malta and part of the conspiracy playing the part of "Good Cop".

6. General Stanley McCrystal, supreme leader of Black Ops in the US Military, just so happened to come out in Rolling Stone magazine and criticize the Obama administration only to get himself replaced by General Petraeus and retired. This bit of drama is seeming to conveniently set up McCrystal for a possible political role in the future. I predict this isn't the last we see of McCrystal. The army guys love him. Yet, they forget about his role in trying to cover up the Pat Tilman murder when Tilman was going to use his celebrity to bring attention to the heroin and poppy scandal in Afghanistan.

7. The US navy has been deployed. 4 nuclear subs have been modified to carry cruise missiles. News reports over the last few days are reporting sightings of these 4 cruise-missile subs having appeared (USS Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Florida), 2 in South Korea, and 2 in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

8. This nuclear attack and the imposition of martial law has been the subject of predictive programming in numerous TV shows and movies. Terminator Salvation makes a big deal in the depiction of a burned out 711 convenience store. Toy Story 3 depicts a mushroom cloud then martial law being imposed. The TV show Jericho depicts post-nuclear conflict between Texas Republic and North Central America. Eclipses are prominent in Heroes, Clash of the Titans, and Iron Man 2. An All-State Insurance commercial warned "Mayhem is coming, are you in good hands?"

9. President Obama told us earlier this year at the UN Nuclear Summit that domestic terrorist groups together with Islamic extremists groups setting off nuclear devices in US cities is the number 1 security threat to America. The Savannah River Nuclear Site has just opened a Radiological Evidence Processing center and hired 15 FBI agents. The military has been conducting numerous drills preparing to respond to nuclear bombs going off in US cities such as Operation Ardent Sentry, Operation Golden Phoenix, and FEMA NLE2010.

10. There has been a rash of evil and seditious legislation proposed and some passed recently such as "Carbon Cap and Trade", Financial Reform with the "Value-Added Tax", Health Care Reform, Internet censorship, and the infamous Lieberman "Expatriation" bill.

11. Other threats being discussed are a HAARP associated earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico and a release of a huge Methane bubble into the atmosphere. Such a release of methane would cause a huge tsunami, and may ignite into a fireball. The large amount of residual methane in the atmosphere which could cause global warming creating a Soylent Green situation. Even if there is no earthquake or hurricane, there is growing concern over high benzene levels in the rainclounds and gulf workers and residents getting ill. Fear over benzene alone and a mass migration would cause enough chaos all by itself.

12. Another possibility could be the HAARP associated erruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. After an erruption of Yellowstone, the entire breadbasket of the US would be covered in ash, the Missouri-Mississippi contaminated and the Earth decending into severe global cooling instead of warming. I tend not to lean towards these later threats because I think the globalists want war with Iran and I don't know how creating these catastrophies would achieve that.

13. Av 1 in the Jewish calander turns out to be an historically bad day for Israel. It turns out that both Jewish temples were destroyed on Av 1 in addition to being the start date of several historical persecutions. July 11 this year is Av 1 and is also significant for the fact that the solar eclipse will be the third in 3 consecutive years to fall on Av 1. I can't imagine our illuminati/numerologist not being aware of this. Accordingly, there is talk that Israel may preemptively strike Iran unprovoked which would cause huge political problems in the US. If things escalate in the Middle East how will the US respond. Can we sit by and watch Israel get destroyed? Or, can we in good conscience defend them and actions that may be seen as a clear mistake?

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