Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Principals of Mind Control

Logical Fallacies: false illogical arguments with plausible deniability

Ad Hominem: personal attack or kill the messenger
Bandwagon Fallacy: everyone is doing it, they all can't be wrong
Fallacist’s Fallacy: that idea is false because you used a logical fallacy
Fallacy of Composition: since a piece is that way, the whole is that way
Fallacy of Division: since the whole is that way, every piece is that way
Gambler’s Fallacy: we've got a 50/50 chance
Genetic Fallacy: I can't help it my genetics make me this way
Appeal to Antiquity / Tradition: that is the way it's always been done
Appeal to Authority: I was just following orders
Appeal to Consequences: if I didn't something bad would happen
Appeal to Force: do it or else, might equals right
Appeal to Novelty: try a new idea
Appeal to Pity: he needed help
Appeal to Popularity: it was popular at the time
Appeal to Poverty: they were poor
Appeal to Wealth: he was rich
Moralistic Fallacy: it was the right thing to do at the time
Naturalistic Fallacy: its good for the planet
Red Herring: unrelated issue
Weak Analogy: there was this one time when. . .
Fallacies of Ambiguity: I wasn't sure what to do
Equivocation Fallacy: it didn't seem to matter which way I went
Straw Man Fallacy: the other idea was worse
Fallacies of Presumption: I assumed it was a good idea
Affirming the Consequent: if A leads to B then B will lead to A
Arguing from Ignorance: I didn't know that would happen
Begging the Question / Circular Reasoning: the Bible says its true
Complex Question Fallacy: who could have ever guessed
Cum Hoc Fallacy: correlation does not equal causation
False Dilemma / Dichotomy: either this way or that way
Hasty Generalisation Fallacy: everyone is that way
‘No True Scotsman’ Fallacy: nobody is perfect
Post Hoc Fallacy: looking back it seems this is the right way
Slippery Slope Fallacy: give an inch and they will take a mile
Sweeping Generalisation Fallacy: everyone is that way
Subjectivist Fallacy: it looked good from my perspective
Tu Quoque Fallacy: 2 wrongs don't make a right but 3 lefts do

Propaganda: public relations and advertising
Saturation: surround person with idea
Incrementalism: how to cook a frog
Diversion: keep the person to busy to think
Distraction: keep the person's mind on other issues
Redefinition: change the meaning of words or end goals
Supression: get rid of alternate ideas
Deprivation: tired, hungry, isolated, cold, ill
Dehumanization: treat the person like an animal
Threat: generate fear
Bribe: promise reward
Entrap: ensnare in sin
Compromise: make a deal
Pyramid scheme: promise more knowledge as they get higher
Isolationism: remove them from social network
Reward: removal of negative or positive reinforcement
Punishment: removal of positive or negative reinforcement
Hostage: will not let go unless they accept
Inculcation of guilt: make them feel guilty, you deserve this, you caused this, you must fix it
social pressure: others are doing it
Stockholm syndrome: we are misunderstood, we are necessary
Emotional Association: excitement, pleasure
hypnosis: subconscious suggestion
false memory: memory planted by subconscious suggestion
Subliminal: idea planted in subconscious low, high pitch or recorded backwards
psychedelics: idea while under a mind altered state
associate needs with idea: belonging, importance, food, warmth, happiness
associate morals with idea: God's will, ethics, good of the many
Convince people life is not real
Good Cop/Bad Cop: threaten then be nice and say cooperation will prevent bad cop return/
Dream invasion: make person think they've had a vision
Robin Hood: Give donations to charity on one hand while robbing on the other

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