Friday, July 09, 2010

Rainbow Warning

Has anyone seen the recent YouTube "Double Rainbow All The Way" video? I first saw it several times on Fox News. At first my reaction was like most people thinking the guy was loaded on something. However, I watched it again and it was pretty clear the guy in the video was just putting on. First he is elated, and by the end the elation was replaced by sorrow and dispair. The man asks through his fake sobs "what does it mean"? I think this video could be a warning and a sign of a transition of world consciousness from our current blissful ignorance to the horror of an imminent reality.

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JF said...

not sure, I did find one about a guy at yosmitebear mountain. And he was freaking out over a double rainbow, and that video looks like its sparked a bunch of spoofs.

But I think that was just some guy out in nature, and he seemed to me high on drugs.

Even during the interview he looked like he was still high. was that the video you're referring to?