Sunday, August 08, 2010

17 Escaped Afghan Trainees from Texas

I totally missed this report. Fox News and other news agencies reported in Jun 25, 2010 that 17 Afghan Police Trainees who were brought over to Texas to be trained went AWOL and disappeared. The Afghans were learning English while attending the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. While the report says this is just an immigration issue, I wouldn't be surprised at all if we learn that they eventually turn up to be Iranian secret agents who plan some sort of attack or are at least could be blamed for some sort of future attack in the US. This report says there may be up to 46 AWOL Afghani, 22 of which are now living in Canada.

Also it turns out that Russia is delivering a shipment of nuclear fuel to the Iranian light-water nuclear reactor in Bushehr in order to restart the reactor. It is therefore very likely that an Israeli strike on the Bushehr reactor will occur before the fuel arrives, thus preventing radioactive contamination of the Persian Gulf. Iran should be expecting this kind of response because they used the same logic behind their attack on Iraq's Osirak nuclear power plant in 1980.

Because of the need for the cover of darkness, New Moons are a common choice when scheduling an attack. August 1oth is the next New Moon. So, I look for a possible strike as early as tomorrow. If these 17 missing Afghans turn out to play some sort of roll in this staged drama, then I would expect a retaliatory strike to occur on US soil on August 13th, 2010 at Twilight which is the day of a Triple Conjunction just after sunset.

All this Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn talk reminds of the book series. The Eclipse happened on July 11. The New Moon will occur on Aug 10 and the Triple Conjunction will occur on Aug 13 at Twilight which according to some will usher in a New Dark Day in America if everything goes along the Operation Golden Phoenix/Backjack storyline. Oh and the newest book Midnight Sun or Black Sun would represent the rise of a fascist tyranny. Makes you wonder.

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