Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adan Al Shukrijumah

I hope this is the first and last time I hear this name. Unfortunately, something tells me it won't be. The alternative news website DEBKAfile tells the story that al Qaeda global operations chief Adan Al Shukrijumah is being hunted by federal agencies. Al Shukrijumah, according to the article, was a nuclear engineering student at a research reactor in Ontario, Canada and disappeared the same day nuclear material from the MacMaster University's nuclear 5-megawatt research reactor went missing. According to intel derived from Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, Osama bin Laden had entrusted a "student" with preparing a "dirty bomb" attack in a North American city. While Mr. Mohammed says this was a one-man-cell operation, we should not forget the many AWOL Afghan officers from the Texas, military base who were brought to the US to learn English and are now living in Canada.

If Adan Al Shukrijumah sets off a dirty bomb in say Kansas City to clear people out of the way for the NAFTA Superhighway Central Distribution Center, the Globalists will be very surprised if there are others interested in buying up contaminated land that many will be wanting to get rid of.

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