Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Physicians and Mind Control

When I heard about this I had to agree. I am a physician and I have to admit that I have undergone MK-ULTRA mind control in similar ways to a Manchurian Candidate or like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity. Mind Control results in a person who does and says what the controller wants, even if it harms others, without insight or knowledge that they are being controlled and even believing that their actions are good.

Physician training is fear and trauma-based. This is exactly the kind of techniques used in cult indoctrination programing, brainwashing, MK-ULTRA, and Monarch programs. Medical training programs subject their students to sleep deprivation, peer humiliation (pimping), and high emotional and psychological stress. The result is a highly trained, egocentric, and arrogant professional who believes they are acting for the best good of society.

It is easy for physicians to think what they are doing is good because of the emotional, psychological, and physical sacrifice they had to make to learn what they have been taught. However, the truth is that just because physicians pay a high price in their training, doesn't mean what they do or what they know is correct. That is a logical fallacy. The hierarchy or pyramid of medicine reinforces the culture as those at the bottom envy the positions of those at the top. And those at the top enjoy their "earned" position of authority and privilege over all those beneath them.

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