Monday, August 09, 2010

Review of Events: Is This The Eve of WW3?

Keith Johnson at his blog "Revolt of the Plebs" gives a great review of the events, predictions, politics, and propaganda leading up to a possible preemptive strike by Israel against Iranian nuclear targets as early as August 10, 2010 and the beginning of WW3. Interesting thing about the article is how he also believes it is likely that there is a good chance that following the Israeli strike there will be some sort of false flag attack to get the US fired up against Iran.

It is clear to me that this whole situation has been carefully engineered. Because, if this whole thing with Iran were real as opposed to staged, I don't see why Israel couldn't just knock out Iranian nuclear targets like they did in Iraq in 1981 and stop there. But it has been predicted as early as a letter by Albert Pike to Mazzini in 1971 that WW3 would begin by infiltrating both the Zionist and Islamic would and provoke them to war against each other in such a bloody struggle that both Christianity and atheism would be replaced by the "pure doctrine of Lucifer.'

Taking Keith's article into consideration, here is an update from my perspective what what has been going on this year:

2010. There is no SPP Summit this year because 2010 is supposed to be the year the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (NAU) is implemented.

April 12-13. UN Nuclear Summit, Pres. Obama says that terrorist groups detonating nuclear devices in US cities is our number 1 security threat.

May 14. FEMA NLE 2010 Operation Golden Phoenix simulates response to nuclear detonation in Los Angeles.

June 5. Bildeberg Group meet in Spain and give green light to move against Iran.

June 8, UN impose sanctions against Iran which it evades via Chavez in Venezuela which becomes part of a new Axis of Evil.

June 9. US Military begin buildup by sending several carrier groups to Manama, Bahrain in Persian Gulf, Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean, and to South Korea.

June 9/July 27. Ahmadinejad says to nuclear talks until end of August/September.

June 17. 17 Afghan police trainees learning English escape from Texas military base and go AWOL making 46 total, 22 currently reside in Canada.

June 21, Adam Gadahn threatens that AlQeada will seek to "even the score" with US.

August 6-8. Russia sending nuclear fuel to Bushehr to restart nuclear reactor.
__________Fidel Castro again warns US against starting war against Iran and North Korea.
__________NATO countries evacuate embassies in Russia supposedly because of smog.
__________US State Department issues travel alert restricting travel to Russia.
__________Israel schedules large military drill and exercise for Aug 10 and moves military equipment, vehicles to north and tells its people to stay off the roads.

August 10. New Moon and possible Israeli strike against Iran nuclear facilities before new nuclear fuel arrives.

August 13. Triple Conjunction and possible domestic counterstrike by Iran against the US maybe by AWOL trainees who may be Iranian operatives.

[we should not also forget the strange attempted attacks on several US military bases such as the couple guys with guns who were discovered trying to sneak around in Tampa, FL and the incident with the guy found with grenades in his car at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA. I am sure this will some how factor into the story]

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