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Watchmen Smiley and Triple Conjuction August 13th 2010

President Obama in March at the UN Nuclear Summit told the world that the number one security risk to America was terrorist groups detonating nuclear devices in US cities. Accordingly, numerous federal agencies have been preparing for just such a catastrophe. FEMAs NLE2010, and the military's Operation Golden Phoenix, and Ardent Sentry have simulated government response to exactly this kind of horrific scenario.

For decades, the media has been portraying the circumstances and aftermath of a nuclear holocaust again and again. "The Day After" depicted a full nuclear exchange with the then Soviet Union (Sat Oct 16). Movies like "Mad Max", "Omega Man", "The Road", "Book of Eli," etc and several TV series such as "Jericho", "the Colony" give eerily detailed descriptions of what life in America may be after such an event.

For the past year, the Order of Malta Operative, Alex Jones (reminds me of the angry news anchor on "Network") has been beating the nuclear false flag drum for over a year now at least since the movie "Watchmen" and the web hoax Operation Blackjack appeared on the UKTelegraph website.

So far this year, anxiety has peaked a few times as doomsday dates have come and go such as the Blackjack 6/21 date, and then 7/11 that was predicted by Fidel Castro, and several psychic computers like TimeWaveZero and WebBot in association with the solar eclipse (I think these computer programmers need to take lessons from Paul the Psychic Octopus).

While we are all relieved that no nuclear atrocities have occurred thus far, most of us are uneasy about how the situation with Iran is escalating. Supposedly, it was revealed the the Bildeberg group on June 5th gave the green light to move against Iran. Accordingly, the US and UN have imposed tight sanctions which Iran is evading by way of Syria, Venezuela (the new Axis of Evil).

While UN nuclear regulatory bodies are assuring us that Iran is far from having nuclear weapons, we have threats from American Alqaeda Adam Gadahn, aka Jewish/CIA operative Joseph Cohen, threatening that Alqaeda is going to "even the score". And most recently we have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying that to "teach the US a lesson" he is holding off nuclear talks until late August. So, that statement begs the question, whats going to happen mid August?

While listening to CoasttoCoastAM the other night, Clif High from the Webbot Project briefly mentioned some important Astrological signs that are coming up but then told us that he wasn't seeing anything big on the horizon until early November. However, Mr. High failed to tell us that on Fri Aug 13, 2010 is a rare triple conjunction of a crescent moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. Triple Conjunctions are significant Astrological events. Many Astrologers claim the star of Bethlehem was actually just a triple conjunction. Also, a crescent moon and conjunction marked the fall of the great city of Constantinople (crescent and star).

So, what am I getting at here? Well, in my studies of Illuminati symbolism I remember learning that the Walmart Smiley was actually a representation of an Astrological Conjunction. However, the movie "Watchmen" uses a little different variation of the smiley with a red arrow over one eye. The red arrow first refers to Ozymandias/Joker/Comedian (Deacon on Waterworld) and second, it is the symbol for Mars. Accordingly, I think the Comedian's button in Watchmen could refer to the triple conjunction on Aug 13, 2010 and could refer to an important date in the development of a "Watchmen"-like scenario. Ozymandias devises a plan to save the world from MAD with Russia by staging a false flag attack on the US and framing Dr. Manhattan. Surprisingly, all the Watchmen accept the false peace but Rorschach who then is destroyed by Dr. Manhattan.

In case you couldn't guess, the mouth of the smiley represents the crescent moon, the left eye Saturn and the red arrow over the right eye would be mars on venus. Not surprising, is the possible occult sexual reference. This sign also produces what is know as the great Heavenly and Astrological smile.

The crescent Moon giving birth to the great star or conjunction of planets is a significant occult symbol. It was claimed to be present at the birth of Jesus Christ, the fall of Constantinople, and I wonder if a similar sign could mark some act against America.

Remember that the crescent moon and star is a prominent symbol on the Denver Mural depicting the burning city/forest, the dead leopard, the 3 women in caskets. The center NOT dead Native American (white eyes = skull and bones reborn) woman with the halo is holding a baby which some believe is a nativity scene representing the birth of the Antichrist. The moon and star symbol is depicted above on the Maya Codex in the shape of Russia held by the Maya Girl standing under the Queztal bird. The dead leopard, I have read, represents America and/or her President.

Therefore, could this Astrological sign mark some event against America and the birth/rise of the Antichrist? Some people I know confess behind closed doors that they believe President Obama is the Antichrist. I have never believed that at all. According to how the globalists depict Obama as a clown/joker/jester, it is more likely that President Obama fits their role of Ozymandias which precedes the Antichrist.

Additional symbolic meaning of the Watchmen smiley face is that it represents the doomsday clock. If the smiley face were a clock, the arrow would to be pointing at 11:55 which means 5 minutes to doomsday. According to the Bible conversion of Gods time to mans time (1 day = 1000 years), then 5 minutes to doomsday could mean 3.5 years to doomsday. So, considering the doomsday clock definition together with the astrological meaning, some event could begin on Friday August 13th, 2010 and then culminate 3.5 years later at the beginning of 2014.

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David B said...

This is a link to a post on on the subject of the triple conjunction on Friday August 13, 2010 and its possible Astrological significance.

I don't believe in Astrology, but many of our globalist leaders do. So, a conjunction between Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and a Crescent Moon which they believe was the Star of Bethlehem and marked the fall of Constantinople may mark some big changes for the US/America.