Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prophecy of Future American Civil War

"The next great (U.S. civil) war after the war of the rebellion (the Civil War of the 1860's between the North and the South) will commence in a little town now called Chicago but at that time it would have grown to be a very large city and the cause of the next great trouble will be the depreciation of the currency of the United States". - A. Milton Musser papers, LDS Church Archives, letter from Nephi Packard to A. Milton Musser, July 24, 1896.)

On October 19. 2010 US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said yesterday that the United States would not devalue its dollar to boost export growth. "It is not going to happen in this country," Geithner told Silicon Valley business leaders at a meeting in Palo Alto. The country needs to work hard to preserve confidence in the strong dollar, according to the Treasury Secretary. "It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to be competitive," he added. "It is not a viable, feasible strategy and we will not engage in it."

Ben Bernake of the FED announced QE2 or Quantitative Easing which is a devaluation of the dollar by printing money (buying bonds) instead of borrowing (selling bonds). China has downgraded US credit and is no longer purchasing US T-Bills. TARP stimulus that the banks used to buy up T-Bill up to this point has run out. President Obama is visiting India and Indonesia looking for countries that will buy our T-Bills in exchange for military protection.

In response to the devaluation of US Currency, China may have fired a ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine just 35-miles off the coast of LA to discredit US military supremacy. What kind of protection can the US military provide if Chinese nuclear subs can sit just 35 miles off one of our major cities and fire off ICBM's?

Rome was destroyed by the insurrection of Foederati led by Odoacer. The Foederati were alien German Barbarians that were non-Roman citizens permitted to settle within the Roman Empire if they served in the military. I wonder if illegal immigrants would be used as the Foederati were in Rome. Recently we have been seeing the Congress attempting to pass the "Dream Act" which would grant amnesty to illegals who serve in the military. If the US goes to war with Iran and WW3 results involving Russia and China, I cannot imagine things going well for us. Therefore, I imagine the military will likely take anyone they can get. The question remains, what is it that will cause the "remnants" to "become exceedingly angry?" In light of this, I am in favor of doing whatever doesn't anger the "remnant of the seed of Jacob" who live among us.

D&C 87:5 And it shall come to pass also that the remnants who are left of the land will marshal themselves, and shall become exceedingly angry, and shall vex the Gentiles with a sore vexation.

3Ne20:15-16 And I say unto you, that if the Gentiles do not repent after the blessing which they shall receive, after they have scattered my people—Then shall ye, who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, go forth among them; and ye shall be in the midst of them who shall be many; and ye shall be among them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, and as a young blion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he goeth through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

3Ne21:12 And my people who are a remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles, yea, in the midst of them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

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