Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dr Stanley Monteith on the Origins of Modern Conspiracy

Favorite Quotes and Ideas:

1. The most important thing is the know the Lord, know His word, and keep His commandments.
2. Lesson from Agatha Cristi's "The Orient Express" is that all 12 passengers killed the American.
3. The best defense is a good offense; rather than being divided up battling on so many fronts.
4. There is no freedom without restraint, and those restraints come from God.
5. The Conspiracy associates itself with Judaism as a distraction (i.e. Protocols of Zion).
6. Sustainable Growth is a buzz word for a Malthusian philosophy that loathes humans (God's greatest creation) and calling for population reduction.
7. Socialism requires enforcement, thus cannot be equitable, because the enforcers will always be the controllers. Socialism helps the ruling class remain rich and maintain power and control because they take from the middle class to destroy the middle class and give to the poor who remain poor because they become dependent upon the handout. Socialist don't rob the rich and give to the poor, they rob any aspiring person of the middle class to keep them down and give to the dependent.
8. 12 Daggers = Theosophical Society, Humanists, Fabian Socialist, Communists, Globalists, New Agers, Masons, Illuminati, World Central Bankers, Bildeburgers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Round Table of England, Club of Rome, Tax-Exempt Foundations, Secret Fraternities.
9. Names = Albert Pike, Manly P Hall, Colonel Edward House, Madame Blavatsky, Cecil Rhodes, Edgar Cayce, HG Wells, Carroll Quigley, Margaret Sanger, Thomas Paine.

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