Friday, January 21, 2011

Nickel-Hydrogen Fusion? ... video.html

Researchers in Italy claim to have unlocked the secret of cold fusion. By simply heating up Nickel nano-powder and injecting it with high pressure hydrogen, they claim to be generating 20 times the heat energy then the power they are putting in. According to the researchers, the reaction of hydrogen with nickel transmutates the nickel into Copper giving off heat and a beta particle. The researchers claim to be measuring the excess beta particles which requires some lead shielding, and an impressive amount of excess heat that serves to boil a whole lot of water.

After reading this claim, I could help think about Dr. Steven E. Jones' fusion paper where he was detecting evidence of fusion coming from the Earth core. I wonder if this hydrogen-nickel fusion reaction is the secret behind what is generating heat in the Earth core and in other planets with nickel cores like Saturn.

I kinda like the conclusions of this article above that DARK MATTER is really molecular hydrogen and RED SHIFT is not the result of galaxies speeding away from us, but instead the reaction of photons passing through interstellar matter (molecular hydrogen).

I grew up knowing several accomplished scientists who were always skeptical of our current models and understanding of gravity, the sun and the universe. Maybe planets are big electrostatic molecular hydrogen vacuums that then fuse that hydrogen with heavy elements to create even more heavy elements.

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