Tuesday, January 25, 2011

V for Victory Campaign

Alex Jones has just announced his "V for Victory Campaign". This Campaign is inspired according to Jones by the French Resistance movement in France during WW2. Wow, I can't say that I am surprised by this. I just watched "V for Vendetta." It seems Hollywood has been churning out dystopian movie after movie depicting violent resistance against oppression. However, I believe that God wants His people to stand up and peacefully defend the constitution. You cannot defend the Constitution by abandoning the Constitution.

I had a hunch that the globalists were going to run their own resistance movement. I just didn't think Alex Jones would be so obvious about it by using the V symbol in the campaign. So, it turns out the maybe Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are playing to be the next Charles de Gaulle.

The purpose of running both sides of a conflict is that you can target and get rid of key people on either side. The thing we shouldn't forget about WW2 is that the globalists goal in WW2 was not a Nazi or Communist take over. What WW2 accomplished was the rise of the Soviet Union in opposition to the US, putting more nations under central banking control, and getting the US and Europe to believe they won the war.

The problem with the "V for Victory" campaign is that even though Alex Jones says he is for peaceful resistance to tyranny, there are many pot smoking listers of Alex Jones who have spent their lives playing FPS video games, and watching dystopian movies which glorify violence and will naturally act out violently. The more this happens, the more the government will crack down on our Constitutional rights.

that said, I do really like Joel Skousen's interview by Alex Jones. Joel Skousen is the nephew of W. Cleon Skousen who was the author of "5000 Year Leap" and "Naked Capitalist". But I am curious why Joel Skousen would be such a regular guest on the Alex Jones Show? Regardless, I really like how Joel Skousen describes the power structure of the Great Globalist Conspiracy. He argues against the point that there can't possibly be one global conspiracy against freedom of all nations because it would be impossible to keep it a secret by pointing out that not everyone who is a part of the conspiracy knows everything about the conspiracy.

Top Elite Families: Rothschilds, Bundy, Astor, Saxe-Coberg-Gotha, Capetian, Orange-Nassau, Hapsburg, deMedici.
Top Level Controllers: Zbigneiw Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Jacob Rothschild, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Warren Buffet.
Top Operatives and Planners: Leaders of Think Tanks, CFR, World Bank, IMF, CEOs, Goldman Sachs, GE, Legatus, etc.
Corruptible and Compromised: Compartmentalized and bribed or blackmailed to do small bad deeds and don't care to think about who is hurt, or are convinced no one is hurt much.
Gullible, Predictable, Ambitious: People who are compartmentalized, naive, and blindly follow orders (useful idiots) who perform tasks for false good reasons. Or people who have strong aspirations to climb the corporate or social ladder and will perform tasks to make friends with Mammon.

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