Monday, February 14, 2011

Dollar Devaluation, Protests, Riots, Gun Confescation, Civil War, Nuclear First Strike

IMF Calls for New World Reserve Currency
This week we were informed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is calling for a new world reserve currency. Since WW2, the Dollar (USD) filled that role. And with the USD as the world currency, the United States has had the luxury of expanding our global military presence and funding large social programs beyond what we could afford. When the US Congress appropriated money beyond revenues, the US Treasury simply issued bonds to the FED to sell on the world market. Because countries like Germany, China, and Japan had trade deficits with the US, and had lots of USD laying around, and because many resources like oil can only be purchased with USD (Petro-Dollar System), these countries are interested in maintaining a strong USD. Therefore, for the last 65 years, they have been induced into financing our yearly national deficits. However, now that the IMF is calling for a new World Reserve Currency, the Special Drawing Right (SDR), the Dollar and the US is doomed.

US Dollar Devaluation
I am not sure most people understand how precarious our economy is right now. Since the housing collapse in 2007-8 due to the Goldman Sachs fraud and the Bank of International Settlement "Basil II Accords", the only thing that has been propping up our economy thus far has been the TARP bailouts, Quantitative Easing, and Multinational Companies bringing in 1 Trillion in offshore profits tax-free and buying their own stock on the right hand, and selling off their stock options with the left. And finally, the fact that the USD is the world reserve currency.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
However, the TARP money is spent, Quantitative Easing has already devalued the USD since 2006. The last leg supporting the US economy is about to be cut out from under us by the IMF. The SDR is not new. Those who are acquainted with the power of the G20/World Bank/IMF/Bank of International Settlement have known about the SDR and have been watching for this move for some time. The US Postal Service has had its clerks converting USD into SDR to determine insurance rates for at least the last year.

Hyperinflation Not Necessary
Some doom and gloomers out there are claiming that the US is poised to experience massive hyperinflation like the Veimar Republic in the 1920's and Zimbabwe in 2000's. This may occur, I can't say for sure one way of another. My point, is that hyperinflation is not necessary to greatly damage our country. All we would need is 6-10$/gal gas. Since WTO, NAFTA, and GAD, the US has lost much of its manufacturing infrastructure, and we import much of our natural resources, including oil and food. If oil is priced in SDR in the near future, the demand for, and value of the USD will fall, and the price for oil will increase. With a higher price of gas, US companies will still be manufacturing and importing, but many in the US will not be able to afford to purchase basic necessities.

US Government Bankrupt
According to Wiki, there are over 50 million Americans receiving some sort of Federal Assistance through Medicare, Social Security, Disability, or Unemployment. As the dollar is devalued, the higher prices will stretch the poor in America to the breaking point. There will be more unemployment, more bankruptcies, and more home foreclosures. However eventually, there just won't be enough money to support all the poor and support our global military goals at the same time. The US can continue to print USD, but the value of the USD in relation to other currencies will continue to drop. High oil prices is all it takes to cause high food and energy prices.

Weak USD => Famine
If the USD is replaced by the SDR, and no longer accepted by foreign countries in exchange for natural resources or finished goods, I cannot see how the USD will not become even more devalued. And with the weak, devalued dollar, I just don't see how millions of Americans don't begin to go hungry. And hungry people, especially if government subsidies are cut, will set the stage for what happens next.

Famine => Protests => Riots
As we have seen on TV in many countries already, hungry people will peacefully take to the streets in demonstration just like Egypt, Great Britain, Greece, and Iran. With a great many demonstrators on the streets or our large cities like Chicago, it wouldn't take much for a handful of anarchists/agent provocateurs to break a few windows and torch a few cars to turn a peaceful demonstration into a riot. With a riot, comes police, and possibly military engagement against the citizenry to quell the violence. However, there is a difference between Egypt vs the US, and that is that while Egyptians had plenty of rocks to through, Americans have guns. If there are street clashes, I hope and pray that civil unrest does not break out all over the country.

Riots => Martial Law => Gun Confiscation => Civil War
With riots going in throughout the country, these could easily spill over into suburban areas. The national guard and US military will be called in to put down these insurrections, and will likely go door-to-door confiscating guns. If the US Government tries to enforce a policy of widespread gun confiscation, there would be all out civil war. The Federal Government has been encroaching on our civil liberties such as freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and from illegal searches and seizures for too long. While I am not so passionate on this one issue, I fear any further encroachment on the 2nd Amendment would be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Soviet Union Staged its Own Death
Many American's hold the false belief that the Soviet Union fell in 1989. That would be a grave misconception. It is true that the Soviet Union was under great economic stress to keep up with the massive US military buildup during the Cold War as well as support millions of impoverished people in the Balkans and Kazakhstan. However, the Communists pulled off an ingenious ploy by faking their own death. So, all this time, what they really accomplished was cutting loose many impoverished countries which allowed them to concentrate even more money into the building of their Military Industrial Complex. However, the Russians still are very sensitive toward wealthier countries like the Ukraine and Georgia with pro-western governments. If Communist Russia really dies in 1989, then why is the US continuing to surround and provoke them, and why did Russia try to Assassinate the Prime Minister of Ukraine, decapitate the government of Poland, and invade Georgia in 2008.

Provoking the Great Russian Bear
I am sure, many will not forget the great drought and fires that burned all over Russia last summer. Weather you believe in weather modification/manipulation technology or not, is really not important. The issue at hand is, "do the Russian's believe that the US can modify the weather?" And, the feeling is that not only does Russia believe that the US directly caused the drought and fires in their country in 2010, they also believe the US has been secretly supporting Chechen Terrorism in the same way elements associated with the US are suspected of supporting Al Qaeda. The Russians also believe the the US was supporting mercenaries in Georgia, which led to conflict in 2008. Again, it doesn't matter what is true here, what matters is what the Russians believe is true. If the Russian government has bought into the conspiracy theory, then this suspicion will result in a response; true or false. The US is being framed.

Surprise Nuke Attack
If the IMF institutes the SDR this next year resulting in the further devaluation of the USD, we can expect demonstrations, riots, and martial law. If the imposition of martial law brings door-to-door gun confiscation, we will have civil war. If all this occurs in the next 2 years before the election, the time for Russia to attack, assuming President Obama looses the election, the window of opportunity to attack for the Russians will be before the inauguration of the newly elected president. The country will be divided, the the Russians and Chinese may feel like there is an opportunity to neutralize this constant annoyance of the US once and for all.

In their mind, the Globalists have convinced them that they could rid themselves of all nuclear weapons once and for all by everyone launching them at the US while we are divided and are not likely to have the capacity, ability, or will to counter attack. The Chinese have already demonstrated an EMP device, totally paralyzing a Cruise ship (Carnival Splendor) in the middle of the ocean. Later last year, we saw another missile launched by a Chinese submarine right off the coast of Los Angeles. The first action by China was before G20 in Korea in response to the US printing 1 Trillion USD to devalue its currency (QE2) and monetize its debt. The second action off Los Angeles was in response to Pres. Obama's visit to India.

President George A Smith Vision
Shortly after World War II
ended, President George Albert Smith had a vision of another great and terrible war which would yet take place. He said it would be so bad that it would make World War II look like a "training exercise." It would involve many of the countries of the world, including Germany, Hungary, Israel, Turkey, the United States and the Soviet Union.

Thousands of tanks would be transported in huge trucks so they would be in place where they were needed when the war began.

The United States would have missiles in Europe which carried an atomic bomb. However, the United States would be committed to many far-reaching alliances and would withdraw its missiles to satisfy the Soviet Union. Then the war would begin and people would "die like flies". The military power of the Soviet Union at this time would be much greater than the United States.

He said the United States would take away the weapons of the people. They would have their missiles in big holes in the ground, which he described as being like grain silos. The Soviets would send their own missiles to try to destroy them, as well as U.S. military bases and cities. They would also send in ground troops. President Smith indicated that this attack would take place on a holiday after the Presidential election, but before the official inauguration. He said that the President at this time would be of Greek ancestry.

President Smith said that the conditions after the war would be "dreadful" and would make the worst times of the depression seem "like a Sunday School picnic" in comparison.

(See statements by David Hughes Horne dated Oct. 28, 1988)

. . .
At that point, President Smith quite abruptly stopped and turned in the seat so that he was facing my brother and related to him what sounds basically like the same vision that Brother David Horne related. Everything that my brother wrote down in his journal. . . .

However, Pres. Smith did tell him to look specifically for the day when the American Dollar was so worthless that no other country would allow payment in dollars, for that would signal the beginning of such a severe depression that only LDS people who had their food supplies and clothing supplies and whatever they needed for heat and to cook with would be able to survive. Then he stopped for a moment as though he was going inside himself, and then said that there would be other survivors, but they would only survive because they were the honest in heart whom the Lord would miraculously bring to the Saints to teach and nurture, and that their survival would be something truly spiritual to those of us who were prepared for the calamities that would befall the LDS people who were not prepared, and the unprepared LDS would be affected the worst and die the more agonizing deaths because they had been warned, and yet rejected those warnings.

1. Weapons would be taken from the populace

2. Russia would appear to fall from it’s mighty position, but that would only be a ruse, because they would continue to only grow stronger
because they would not have to support all of the poor countries they had taken over.

3. The US would give up it’s strategic power base, and become the scourge of the world because of the abuse of power they would leverage against all other lesser countries, and the other world powers would force the US to take their bombs out of Europe. (Doesn’t remember anything being said about whether bombs were nuclear or not)

4. Missiles would be hidden in grain silos – didn’t way anything about them being the buried silos we all know.

5. Nations would move huge battle tanks around to where they needed them on trucks that are bigger than any you have ever seen up till now (1949)

6. Then a terrible war would break out that would pit the powerful nations of the world against the US, and that the US would find out what it was like to have war waged in their backyards, and America would find out that WW2 had merely been a training exercise.

7. The worst time in the depression would look like a picnic in comparison.

(Statement Source Unknown)

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Randy Chambers said...

Of course this scenario is all true. Because Jesus Christ, John, Peter, Ezekiel, Daniel and Matthew all conveyed these events in the Old and New Testaments through the inspiration of God the Father and our Creator.

What you are describing is the events during our end-times and the seven-year Tribulation period, especially the second half whence Jesus will return to put a stop to all the destruction. Indeed, only one-third of mankind will have survived when He does return.