Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How much time do we have left?

I have heard that the only thing that is supporting the Stock Market right now, is that International Cooperations have $1 Trillion in overseas/offshore profits and have brokered a deal with the US government to bring this money back into the US to help the economy in exchange for only 5% tax rate. But instead of helping the economy, what these mega-corps are doing is buying their own stock at the same time the CEO's are cashing out of their stock options. With the TARP money money is all spent, and when this offshore money is gone, I don't see that there is any other scheme to keep the illusion of stability going. The Petro-Dollar system is dead with China buying oil in Yuan and brokering currency exchange deals with Russia and Brazil.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 06183.html

According to Milton Musser and David Horne letters, the devaluation of the US Currency to the point where other nations no longer accept the US Dollar will mark the beginning of the Second Great US Civil War (beginning in Chicago). And then at some point thereafter, after an election and before the inauguration of a new President following the "Greek" President, the Soviets hit when we are weak and poor and divided and before a new POTUS can begin to turn things around.

So, the question is, will Obama win another 4 years. Will he even run for another 4 years. If Obama runs again in 2012, with the electronic voting he could conceivably win another 4 years. Or if there was another "Oklahoma City" event or Major Disaster (New Madrid or Wasatch Quake?) and FEMA actually did a good job of dealing with it. Or FEMA was perceived to do a good job in the media, that could be a cover story for fraud that gets Pres. Obama another 4 years.

Pres. Obama Wins 2012 Election Timeline
1950 "Law of Return" (Beginning of Daniel's 70 Weeks)
2001 911, War of Terror, Patriot Act, FEMA
2010 Gulf Oil Spill
2011 Comet Elenin, Jewish Temple Announced (1-Year Construction)
2012 Wasatch Fault Earthquake and FEMA Response (body bags, grave liners, mass morgues, cemeteries, residential centers), Pres Obama fraudulently wins another term but media claims bump from disaster response.
2013 Dollar Collapse and Second US Civil War starting in Chicago (Tribulation Begins), Fake Abomination of Desolation regarding the Jewish Temple.
2016 Soviet Union nuclear attack after election but before inauguration (Abomination of Desolation)
2017 Mocking of Christians for believing in the Rapture of that Christ would return and save them.
2020 Jesus Christ's Second Coming (see eye to eye)

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