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Possible End-Times Time Line

There are several LDS End-Times prophecies out there. The Milton Musser letter recounts a prophecy by Joseph Smith foretelling a Second American Civil War and several letters by David H. Horne recount Pres. George A. Smith's' vision of a Russian Nuclear attack on the US. The fascinating aspects to these prophecies is that unlike others, these examples contain details that help in figuring out timing of these events.

Both the Musser and Horne letters talk about the devaluation of the US Dollar and martial law (gun confiscation) as key signs that will occur just before these events. We can already see the devaluation starting to occur. The FED is using quantitative easing to print money to finance our budget deficits that China is no longer supporting. China has broken away from the British Created Petro-Dollar system and had brokered deals with Russia and Brazil to exchange currency. China has also brokered deals with Iran to import oil in Yuan. These prophecies warn that it is only a matter of time before the world no longer accept the US Dollar in payment for manufactured goods, commodities, and natural resources.

It is not a stretch to imagine that further devaluation of the Dollar will lead to its collapse. Economic Collapse and Depression will lead to Starvation. Starvation will lead to demonstrations. Anarchist/Agent Provocateurs will turn demonstrations into Riots. FEMA, US Military, Nation Guard and Federalized Police will fire into the crowds killing thousands (Chicago). Riots then break out all over the country in all major cities. Martial Law is imposed and guns are confiscated. The Second US Civil War breaks out over 2nd Amendment Rights.

Thus far, since the Housing Collapse, the Globalists have strung us along through the TARP bailout as well as a policy of printing money which they call Quantitative Easing. Currently, Multinational Corporations have brokered a deal with the US Government that they will move 1 Trillion dollars of offshore profits into the US in exchange for only having to pay 5% tax. These companies are then using this money to purchase their own stock, while the CEO's are cashing out their stock options. After this money dries up and the ultra-elite have cashed out, I am not sure what the Globalists will use to continue to prop up the Dollar and float our record deficits.

However, the biggest clue with regard to the timing of the Russian Nuclear Attack on the US and occupation, is that according to the vision of George A. Smith, this attack will occur during the presidency of a US President who is not of Northern European Extraction. According to Bro. Horne, George A. Smith was very clear that this attack would occur after the election of a new POTUS but before the inauguration of the new POTUS. Thus the "Greek" POTUS is still the president at the time of the attack. Pres. Smith also said that this attack would involve ground troops. Now, invading foreign troops on American soil could only occur if the US did away with the 2nd Amendment and confiscated guns. A well armed citizenry is documented as the major reason Japan did not attack and invade California after Pearl Harbor. So, we see that gun confiscation and a Second American Civil War will likely precede a Russian attack.

Another detail of timing has to do with the Globalist Conspirators attempting to stage the Daniel's "Abomination of Desolation". The Globalist have convinced many that the Daniel's "Abomination of Desolation" will have something to do with the Jewish Temple in and around 2013. They use the idea of Jubilee Years, the 6-Day War, and Daniel's 70 weeks beginning with the UN Charter establishing Israel as a State in 1947, as a basis for this. However, I believe these events are manufactured to deceive, and when the real "Abomination of Desolation" occurs in 2016, they will mock Christians for believing that Christ would save them from destruction. However, iust like 70 AD, the real "Abomination of Desolation" has more to do with global genocide and less to do with some Antichrist leader killing a pig on the temple alter.

But, if this time line is correct, then the Russian Attack will not occur immediately after the 2012 election, but following the 2016 election. I think too much has yet to occur. That means that Pres. Obama will need to win the election in 2012. And seeing his popularity numbers right now, I don't anyone thinks that is possible. However, the Globalists have given us clues about what they are going to do. George Soros and other Ultra-Elites have been hinting that what Pres. Obama needs to win in 2012 is another "Oklahoma City Bombing". However, with the advent of electronic voting, it is likely that fraud will be employed to steal the 2012 election. But, the media will use the cover story that it was the excellent FEMA response to some domestic emergency that gave Pres. Obama the "bump" he needed to win.

Many are suspicious that FEMA has been preparing since Katrina for just such an "Oklahoma City-like" event. FEMA has purchased millions of body bags and hundreds of thousands of grave liners. FEMA has built an archipelago of emergency residential centers, and has completed work on a mass immunization center and morgue in Downtown Salt Lake City. FEMA has also completed work of mass cemeteries in Southern California, Phoenix and Houston. Just recently, FEMA has contacted several MRE manufacturing companies and inquired if these companies had the capacity to deliver several million meals if needed. In addition to bankrupting our nation, I can't imagine that all these FEMA expenditures are being made to go to waste. Consequently, I am looking forward to some catastrophic event to occur in America in the Spring or Summer of 2012 prior to the November Elections.

If you are LDS or live in Salt Lake City, then you know the Wasatch Fault is long overdue to slip. With the help of HAARP, an Earthquake on the Wasatch Fault could produce in excess of an magnitude 8 earthquake. Because Salt Lake is built on a dry lake bed, just like Mexico City, the earthquake energy will be magnified and together with liquefaction, produce widespread devastation. LDS will remember the Doctrine and Covenants dire warning that the Tribulation would begin "upon my house."

D&C 112:25 And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord;

The other possibility is Obama doesn't run or loses the 2012 election. In that case a whole lot of stuff needs to happen in 2011-12 if Russia is to strike in the end of 2012. In this scenario, I am assuming that the nuke attack on the US is the Abomination of Desolation, and we know that this atrocity occurs in the midst of the final 7 years of Daniel's prophetic timeline, then in this case, Christ's coming could be as soon as 2017. But there are several reasons above why I think this is too soon. That is unless, something else worse than nuclear holocaust happens in 2016-17.

I will assume that because Joseph Smith taught (and this is in the Teaching of the Presidents of the Church Manual) that the LDS Saints would not necessarily be protected from the tribulation. I will also assume that AOA, New Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, and 144,000 will occur after Russia nukes America. Pres. George A. Smith also comments in his vision that the Saints would "Die like flies." So, again this suggests that those who are not prepared will suffer during the Tribulation and that the calling to AOA will occur sometime in the midst of the tribulation but before the Wrath.

Russia will only hit key cities and military targets in a majority of the US, but they will carpet bomb Missouri and other states where there are nuclear silos. It takes a direct hit on a silo to take it out and prevent a retaliatory strike. After, Silos in Missouri have been carpet bombed, (yellow-dog prophecy), then the land will be available for New Jerusalem to be built.

Once New Jerusalem Construction commences, 144,000 High Priests will be sent forth as missionaries to gather all survivors of the tribulation who will come to come to New Jerusalem for safety from the coming wrath. At the same time Russia strikes the US, I suppose there will be war in Jerusalem. And at the same time missionaries are gathering survivors to Zion, following Armageddon and the conversion of the Jews, they will send out missionaries to those nations to gather survivors of the Tribulation to Jerusalem.

That said, my wife votes for the Obama loses the 2012 election and doesn't see Obama winning a second term, bump or no bump. And with all this 2012 stuff, she thinks that the collapse of dollar, Chicago riots, gun confiscation, etc will happen in the next 2 years. I guess we will see. I hope we have some more time to prepare. I am still leaning toward the 2020 Time line because I believe it will be said "The Lord Delayeth His Coming" Matt 24:48. But at the same time, the Lord also says that "those days will be shortened." Matt 24:22. The days can be shortened in two ways:

1. We finish the work to build Zion and bring in survivors quickly such that Christ can come.
2. The date of the financial collapse (crunch) that leads to civil war and then WW3 and Armageddon is delayed allowing us as much time as possible to get prepared before the FHTF.

Jubilee Timeline
1 BC Christ Born
70 AD Destruction of Second Temple
1820 First Vision, End of Spanish Inquisition (116th Jubilee)
1870 Edict of Pope Nicholas III, ending of the Roman Ghettos. (117th Jubilee)
1920 Prohibition, League of Nations begins, Protocols of Zion published, Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate for Palestine confirmed by League of Nations. (118th Jubilee)
1950 "Law of Return" (Beginning of Daniel's 70 Weeks)
1970 End of War of Attrition which started with 6-days war, Major Wave of immigrants from Russia to Israel (119th Jubilee)
2020 Wrath and Restoration of Zion (The Lord's 120th Jubilee)

Pres. Obama Wins 2012 Election Timeline
2001 911, War of Terror, Patriot Act, FEMA
2010 Gulf Oil Spill, Haiti Earthquake
----- Comet Elenin Sign, Jewish Temple Announced
2012 Wasatch Fault Earthquake and FEMA Response (body bags, grave liners, mass morgues, cemeteries, residential centers),
------ Pres Obama fraudulently wins election but media claims bump due to excellent FEMA disaster response.
2013 Fraudulent Abomination of Desolation regarding the Jewish Temple
2013-2016 Dollar Collapse and Second US Civil War starting in Chicago (Tribulation Begins),
------ Russian nuclear attack on US after election but before inauguration (Abomination of Desolation)
2017-2019 Persecution of Christians for believing in the Rapture of that Christ would return and save them.
------Adam-ondi-Ahman, New Jerusalem, 144,000 sent to gather survivors to Zion.
2020 Wrath, and Restoration of Zion (120th Jubilee, see eye to eye, hindsight?)

Pres. Obama Loses 2012 Election Timeline
2012 Collapse of dollar, Chicago riots, martial law, gun confiscation, civil war
2013 Obama loses election, Russian nuke attack (start of tribulation)
2017 Many claim Christ delayeth his coming, Christian persecution (abomination)
2020 Wrath and Restoration of Zion

CLARIFICATION: Im not really interested in the timing of the Second Coming itself; only the beginning of the Tribulation period. After Zion is established, it will be kind of "home free", "all down hill from here", "on to the victory".  The Second Coming in Glory itself may come soon or many many years after these events.


Anonymous said...

Daveb - nice article. its funny how you give 2020 as a possible date to the last monent. i have some hear-say for you. my mother told me, she knew of a conversation or interview w bruce r mckonkie and he was asked when he thought all the end times + christ return...of course no man knoweth...right? but she-said-he-said 2025....which by your estimate is prettt dang close to your thoughts...which i see as interesting...

-jody crown

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting post from a year and a half ago. Now we see a natural disaster did hit, but in new york and Obama was given a bump because of a perceived good response and there is speculation about how much fraud there was in the election. Wow. That's pretty darn close. Kind of scary too.

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