Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vision of President George A. Smith

Shortly after World War II ended, President George Albert Smith had a vision of another great and terrible war which would yet take place. He said it would be so bad that it would make World War II look like a "training exercise." It would involve many of the countries of the world, including Germany, Hungary, Israel, Turkey, the United States and the Soviet Union.

Thousands of tanks would be transported in huge trucks so they would be in place where they were needed when the war began.

The United States would have missiles in Europe which carried an atomic bomb. However, the United States would be committed to many far-reaching alliances and would withdraw its missiles to satisfy the Soviet Union. Then the war would begin and people would "die like flies". The military power of the Soviet Union at this time would be much greater than the United States.

He said the United States would take away the weapons of the people. They would have their missiles in big holes in the ground, which he described as being like grain silos. The Soviets would send their own missiles to try to destroy them, as well as U.S. military bases and cities. They would also send in ground troops. President Smith indicated that this attack would take place on a holiday after the Presidential election, but before the official inauguration. He said that the President at this time would be of Greek ancestry.

President Smith said that the conditions after the war would be "dreadful" and would make the worst times of the depression seem "like a Sunday School picnic" in comparison.

(See statements by David Hughes Horne dated Oct. 28, 1988)

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