Friday, March 18, 2011

KGB Demoralization

Yuri Bezmenov claims he is an ex-KGB agent that defected from the Soviet Union to America. After "hiding out" among the counter-culture "hippies" in the 60's, he went on a speaking tour in America to warn us about the aims of the Soviet Union to destroy the United States. Now, I hope that it is plain to the reader that Mr. Bezmenov is a fraud and is still acting as a loyal agent for the NWO. Switching sides is the oldest trick in the book. However, while Mr. Bezmenov is not giving us the full truth, much of what he is saying it true.

Pres. Ezra Taft Benson who was President of LDS Church as well as Secretary of Agriculture during the Eisenhower Administration told of his meet with Khrushchev. Khrushchev warned then Secretary Benson that his Grandchildren would live under Communism by feeding gullible Americans small doses of Socialism which would slowly bankrupt our economy.

Mr. Brezmenov begins by telling us that the KGB did not spend much of its time in espionage and James Bond type activities. The majority of KGB/MI6/Massad/CIA time is spent in carrying out Ideological Subversion. The truth of what Mr. KGB is saying is that the NWO has waged a patient and well focused attack on the morals of the United States. They have supported a cultural shift in America against traditional family values. Instead, the new morality in America involves fornication, homosexuality, drug use, divorce, illegitimacy, and bankruptcy. They have actively recruited, infiltrated and subverted civic, business, government, and educational institutions in America and have trained an entire generation of Americans to accept the "counter-culture" as the new normal.

I really like what Mr. Bezmenov says about the power of Demoralization. In essence, he says, Once you demoralize someone or in other words, once someone has become morally compromised, they can no longer recognize truth. With a whole generation of Americans who are blind to their cultural, religious, and moral heritage; it is easy for the NWO to spread disinformation and propaganda and prevent American's from coming to a consensus on how best to defend our country against this treat.

So, what should we "DO" about the Demoralization, and Subversion of American Freedom? Well, Mr. Bezmenov tells us exactly the wrong thing to do. According to him, America should #1 Raise Awareness, #2 Stop Sending Humanitarian Aid to the Soviet Union, #3 Force the Government to make the changes we desire. I believe this is exactly the wrong thing to do because it foments divisiveness in the US, and then further alienates the US from the rest of the world. Look, the US has a huge PR problem. The Ugly American has turned from policeman of the world to bully of the world. While I support bringing all US military home, US humanitarianism is the only thing that maintains any sort of positive image in the world. If the US were to become divided at home, while at the same time lose all international support and respect, we would be ripe for attack and invasion.

What we need to do is what the Book of Mormon instructs us to do in response to this great Latter-day threat. We need to repent. That's all there is too it. If Demoralization brought the US to its current state on the verge of collapse, then only Re-moralization can save us. Only a moral people who elect moral leaders will be able to see clearly enough and be unified enough to make the changes to save this country.

Ex-CIA Robert D. Steele is active on the speaking tour talking about the great globalist conspiracy. It is interesting that he is of the opinion that the Muslim Extremist threat is a fraud. He and others say there are only about 6000 people in the world, up from 2000 pre-911, that are a potential danger to America. Our current Air Force policy of one bombed village per insurgent is only working to generate more extremists. Instead he says that one bullet per threat is a much better policy. He also says that the police state threat and the NSA database "Eschelon" is also a fraud. Having friend's in the FBI, their work requires more gumshoe than electronic surveillance. Also, a worker who put up the intersection cameras told me that most are fake. That said, if a foreign invasion does occur, I am sure info is being collected and potential dissenters will be targeted as has been done when Pol Pot's Communists Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia.

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