Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NATO Out, Cannabis In?

With the unconstitutional attack by US forces of Libya, Germany and Italy are pulling out of NATO. The constitution requires that only the Congress can declare war. However, Pres. Obama approved military action in Libya against Qaddafi, telling the American people that our actions in Libya and now Tunisia are not war, but "Humanitarian Kinetic Actions." Also, Pres. Obama has told us that the decision to attack Libya was authorized by NATO and therefore, somehow doesn't need approval from the US Congress. However, instead of strengthening and legitimizing NATO, we see just the opposite as powerful allies abandon ship. A weakened NATO alliance could give China and Russia more confidence in launching their eventual strike on America.

In other news, Ron Paul and Barny Frank are co-sponsoring legislation to legalize cannabis. If the US were to legalize the use of cannabis, the US would be following the pattern of legalizing alcohol in 1933 before going into the depths of the Great Depression and WW2. However, the coming new Depression and world war will make the Great Depression and WW2 look like a picnic in the park.

Cannabis proponents use the failed War of Drugs to support their side when the reason the war is a failure is because the SPECIAL INTERESTS who control Washington control and profit from both sides of the drug war. They grow it, ship it into the US, sell it, then bust people for using it.

Becoming Intoxicated is evil and dives out the Holy Ghost. A person who uses a substance to get an ARTIFICIAL HIGH stole that feeling. The Brain reinforces productive behavior that supports the survival of the species through neurochemical rewards/positive reinforcement. If a person is taking a drug to artificially stimulate their brain's reward centers, they are stealing that HIGH. They didn't earn it.

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jdat747 said...

Please take some time to read more about Ron Paul and his true intentions. He abhors drug use as well. He merely recognizes the fact that the drug war is ineffective and is attempting to replace it with more effective strategies for helping people overcome their addictions.

An interviewer, who had a personal experience with addiction, asked Ron Paul about this issue. Ron Paul's answer, "Would throwing you in jail for five years cured you?" The interviewer admitted that he was saved through the diligent efforts of a faith based community.

Ron Paul does not believe drug use is a good thing. He believes we need to change the way that we address the problem.