Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nuclear Terrorism Looming?

"WASHINGTON — The United States is running out of a rare gas that is crucial for detecting smuggled nuclear weapons materials because one arm of the Energy Department was selling the gas six times as fast as another arm could accumulate it, and the two sides failed to communicate for years, according to a new Congressional audit.

The gas, helium-3, is a byproduct of the nuclear weapons program, but as the number of nuclear weapons has declined, so has the supply of the gas. Yet, as the supply was shrinking, the government was investing more than $200 million to develop detection technology that required helium-3." -New York Times

We were told by the media that if Osama Bin Laden were to be killed, that Al Qaeda would retaliate by detonating multiple nuclear bombs in major cities. However, only one destination in a major city would be enough for the US military to try and seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and for the US military to remain entrenched in North Africa and the Middle East. CIA operatives were found trying to deliver nuclear material to Taliban in Pakistan. A nuclear incident would have given the US an excuse to seize Pakistan nuclear arsenal.

The specific threat is that Al Qaeda planted 160 suitcase nukes all over the US. 13o suitcase nukes were supposed to have turned up missing from Russia. Now we have the complicating issue with Fukushima spewing out radioactive material which is saturating radiation detectors at our ports. Saturated radiation detectors or high volume of contaminated cargo will make it nearly impossible to identify nukes being shipped in. (One device was found in San Diego-see youtube) And now the New York Times is saying we are low on Helium-3 isotope that is used in sensitive nuke detectors.

Lastly, Pres. Obama himself told us in his UN nuclear summit in 2010, that terrorist setting of nuclear bombs in America was our number 1 security concern. I remember being rather stonished when I heard this statement because I never heard the mainstream media talk about these threats in as serious a tone.

And then there is the added details of predictive programming. #1 TV Series Jericho: dramatizes these exact events and their aftermath. #2 Operation Blackjack: UK Telegraph cartoon series. The author came on a forum to tell everyone the series was a hoax, but this man expressed such a complete loathing of his fellow man. #3 Alex Jones has been hinting at it. #4 Evony-type games that have been teaching players to make alliances and raid their neighbors resources.

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