Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Losing Faith in America

Seems to me that we are deep into a long process designed to get us to lose faith. When I read in 3Nephi about the failure of the Nephite government and its division into tribes just before the coming of Christ, I can't help but see parallels in our "awful" situation today. The reason the Nephties abandoned their government is becuase they had lost faith after realizing the level of corruption in their goverment. The gadiations are purposely disclosing thier infiltration of Western Society. But this is only a partial disclosure. The truth is that the gads own China, Russia, and everywhere else. But they are revealing themselves in the West to convince Russia and China that they should nuke Babylon.

Most of this psyop program to get us to lose faith has been in operation for years. Today we are seeing University Football teams busted for corruption, we are seeing our pop idols and polititions busted for drugs, and immorality and all sorts of other sins. Post-Modern artists deconstruct art and music to get us to lose faith in the traditional rules of asthetics. IN the 60-8o's the US spent billions trying to get Central and South American countries to be pro-western instead of pro-communist. So, while its unpopular to be pro-Russian in America, nearly every Central and South American country is Pro-China and allowing China to build and control military bases and ports. It's like we all forgot that China is still communist. And now after US Banks were caught laundering mexican drug cartel money and the ATF was caught shipping guns into Mexico, Mexico is more distant from the US and more friendly with China than ever before.

I was listening to NPR today and they were discussing the "Muslim Spring" revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc. During the report they have recorded muslims speaking out that they believed the US and Israel and Western Governments were behind all these revolutions. Whether the US is or isnt doesnt really matter. What matters is that Mexico thinks the US government is supporting the drug cartels and the american people are buying the drugs. And whatever credibility we think we had with the US by liberating Iraq and Afghanistan, we have lost with our perceived interference eveywhere else.

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