Saturday, August 06, 2011

Seal Team 6 Silenced

Never make a deal or do anything for the illuminati. Seal Team 6 failed to learn that lesson. Seal Team 6 was the US Special Forces unit attributed with the raid and killing of Osama Bin Ladin. Seal Team 6 has already lost half their team during the raid when one of their stealth helicopters was suspiciously blown up just after lifting off from the Abbottabad compound.

While most reliable people believe that the real Bin Ladin has been dead for a while (was on dialysis), we will never know now because the captured Bin Ladin was shot through one eye and then disgracefully dumped into the ocean making his death parallel the Dijjal, or Islamic Anti-Christ (one-eyed man that comes from the ocean). RT interviewed neighbors of the man who was apprehended and killed by Seal Team 6, who claim Bin Ladin never lived there.

However, the Seal Team who knew the truth about what actually happened in Abbottabad, will never get to tell the real story because the rest of the team just suffered an unfortunate fatal accident in Afghanistan when their helicopter exploded. Interestingly enough, the Taliban claimed responsibility immediately. I actually heard that the Taliban had done it before I knew it was Seal Team 6 that they had done it too.

Of course, you should realize, the original Taliban were against poppy growing and pedophilia (bacha bazi) and outlawed both practices in 1999 according to Sharia Law. But the Taliban today is run by CIA Black Ops and heroin production is up 300% pre-1999 levels. But if you were Pat Tilman (former linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals) and you try to be a whistleblower, you get a burst of .223 NATO rounds x3 to the forehead at close range according to the pathologist. You may not remember the CIA trying to ship nuclear material to the new-Taliban in an attempt to frame Pakistan and seize their nuclear arsenal. These are the same people giving weapons to the Mexican Drug Catel Sinaloa, and claim their support for Sinaloa is to get information on the other Mexican Drug Cartels.

What is this really about? This is about loosing faith in the US from outside and from within. This is about driving a wedge inside our military. This is about getting other countries to lose faith in a Constitutional Representative Democracy. In the 70-80's we were fighting the cold war to get developing nations to support the US over the USSR (and put them under Central Banking control and put into a state of economic slavery). Now almost the entirety of Latin America is pro-Chinese. Now, I love the Chinese people, but its like we all forgot that China is run by the Communist Party. Unfortunately, Communism (social fascism) vs. Capitalism (capital fascism) isn't much of a choice.

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