Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tyramine and Word of Wisdom

Tyramine is a breakdown product of the amino acid Tyrosine and is found in aged, dried, processed, and pickled foods such as wine, cheese, lunch meats, sour breads and pickles. Basically, any food that is not fresh and has been sitting in a barrel or cave for long periods can have a large amount of this chemical. Tyramine acts as a monoamine which is a type of adrenergic neurotransmitter. Tyramine can stimulate the release of adrenalin-like chemicals like norephinephrine and serotonin. The realease of adrenaline is related to the bodies fight or flight response and can cause a mild euphoria, anxiety, and elevation in blood pressure.

By themselves, eating processed and aged foods is usually not an immediate health risk unless a person is also talking an MAOI. MAOI stands for mono-amine oxidase inhibitor. This is the medicine you have heard about on drug commercials. Usually when the commerical is listing the sideaffects of the drug at the end, they will mention that the advertised drug should not be taken with an MAOI. MAOI's (Nardil and Parnate) were the first anti-depressants and people on these drugs were warned to never drink wine and eat a lot of aged cheese. If they did, they could run the risk of developing "cheese syndrome" or "serotonin sydrome" which was associated with a dangerous spike in blood pressure and possibly a heart attack or stroke. So, physiologically speaking, we know that the "Tryramine effect" is real.

So most of us aren't on an MAOI. But what about the long term effects of ingesting Tyramine? Well, it turns out that if you are like most Americans, you probably ingest a significant amount of this chemical. And this may be one of several contributing factor to the epidemic of elevated blood pressure. However, when a person has steady continual exposure to tyramine (as most American's do) we don't see the same immediate elevations to blood pressure. Instead, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin can actually become depleated. Consequently, after long exposures, tyramine could be a major contributer to a generalized depressed mood. And it is this generalized depressed mood that could lead to an increased consumption of what we often refer to as "comfort foods" to raise our norepi and serotonin levels. And of course, this compulsive eating can be one of several factors leading to the epidemic of obesity. Others who experience severe depression through a combination of dietary, genetic and psycho-social factors are often prescribed SSRI's and other similar drugs which raise the levels of norephinephrine and serotonin in the body. It is this same norephi and serotonin which Tyramine can deplete after continual exposure.

Spikes in norephi and serotonin can have other effects in the body. Recent research has shown a strong coorelation between tryamine ingestion and migraines. Not surprising, the acute treatment in the ED for migraine involves the direct inhibition of Serotonin and Dopamine [Imitrex, Relpax (blocks seretonin); Reglan, Compazine (blocks dopamine)]. Independent of SSRIs and MAOIs, spikes in adrenergic chemicals can also lead to dangerous elevations of blood pressure and even precipitate heart arrythmias like atrial fribrillation. However, these effects could be expected in the individual who usually eats fresh, and only occasionally heaps on extra parmesan cheese on their spaghetti and has an extra glass of wine at dinner.

LDS are familiar with the several prohibitions contained in the Word of Wisdom, but could the deleterious effects of Tyramine be part of the reason the Word of Wisdom encourages us to eat food "in the season thereof?"

D&C 89:11 Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation Mountain Guardian

For the last few years, many on the Internet have been monitoring FEMA's activities. Since the events on 911, 10 years ago, and FEMA's seeming failure during Hurricane Katrina, the powers of FEMA and the new Department of Homeland Security has been greatly expanded. This weekend nearly a hundred state and federal government agencies are staging a massive drill in Denver, CO entitled Mountain Guardian.

Reports from Alex Jones' are telling us that a major element of Friday's activity involved transporting children from elementary schools to Mile High Stadium for "processing". It will be interesting to follow the progress of these drills and see what other elements are being put into practice and how federal and state agencies are being conditioned. It is also interesting that President Obama is also in Denver this weekend. It is rumored that he is participating in a DEFCON 1 exercize.

Earlier this year, the Federal Goverment produced NLE 2011 in Branson, MO. During this national exercize, government agencies practiced their response to a New Madrid Earthquake. A principle element of NLE 2011 was the mobilization of DMORT, which is an organization of mortitions who will be called in to assist with the processing of dead bodies during a mass casulty event.

At some point SLC, UT which lies on the Wasatch Fault will have a devistating earthquake. Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden are build upon a dry lake bed. Like Mexico City, a shallow earthquake in the valley would be greatly magnified causing significant liquifaction and shaking. Additionally, numerous mountain dams for Pineview, Deer Creek, Jordanelle, and East Canyon Reservoirs could fail sending torrents of water down mountain canyons into the valley below.

Well, so far FEMA is ready for a future event with bodybags, grave liners, cemeteries, a massive morge with expansive freezer space in downtown Sallt Lake, a recent purchase of tens of millions of MRE's, and DMORT. Add to that the system of FEMA residential centers (FEMA CAMPS) that are currently being staffed across the country (worker from HP). We have also seen federal agencies during Hurricane Katrina and other tornadoes go door-to-door confiscating guns. Also, we have NorthCOM assigning the 1st Brigade 3rd Infantry Division Combat Team to be assigned "assist" with domestic disaster response and humanitarian aid. I just hope the US Millitary doesn't respond with humanitarian aid the same way NATO responded in Libya. Now with Denver's Mountain Guardian exercize, we see the processing of children. It will be interesting to see what other elements will be put in place during this latest exercise.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Future Attack on Religious Freedom?

I am of the opinion that maybe before God allows America to be overrun by the Communists (if that is to happen) then the America will have to turn against the LDS. The LDS are the preserving salt. Only after the LDS are attacked (religious freedom) in some way will the wickedness of America be enough to bring on what will come to the US later.

According to the pattern in scripture, for a people to be fully ripe in iniquity, they must attack or cast out the righteous from among them like Able in Sodom and Gommorrah. Or, a majority of God's covenant people must be guilty of breaking their covenants. In that case, the covenant people become salt that has lost it's savor and become worthless but to be thrown out. Scripture warns us that when God's people no longer keep their covenants, then they are delivered up to the buffetings of Satan. Then when the people as a whole, cast out the righteous from among them, then that society has become ready to be overthrown.

In 1833 there was a historic meteor shower (google LEONIDS) that the wicked used as a sign to exterminate the LDS from Missouri. With this elenin hype, there may be a similar "sign" in 2011. Back in 1833, the Illuminati infiltrated the LDS Church and fomented war from within (Danites) and from without (Mobs). This ended the signing of the Extermination order and the expulsion of the LDS from Missouri. This is how Satan prevented the NEW JERUSALEM from being established.

There has been a surprising amount of coverage about ET's and UFO's that seems to be gaining in momentum with the main-stream media. Before, this kind of thing was the kind of lunitik fringe topic relegated to tabloid late-night talk radio shows like CoasttoCoastAM. However, it seems there have been an increasing level of sightings over that past couple of years. LDS Scripture is clear that God does not send messengers from other planets to this Earth. God's pattern for revelation is through HIS prophet and through HIS church. If there is some future UFO dislosure in the future, I can see how the LDS leadership would need to be more vocal on this issue. Could the UFO/ET issue be the one that turns the world against the LDS? I do not deny the existence of UFO's, but they are simply a cleaverly crafted deception involving suppressed magnetoplasmadynamic technology.

D&C 130:5 I answer, Yes. But there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it.

Could there be another attack being planned. Will HAARP trigger a wasatch fault EQ? FEMA is ready with an SLC supermorgue, bodybags, cemeteries, caskets, MRE's, immunization and processing centers and relocation residential centers. If an EQ doess occur, how will the Wasatch populas react. Will there be agent provacateurs positioned to start riots and fires. When martial law is imposed, and guns confiscated, will there be civil unrest?

How will the people react to the situation? Will they say "This is God's punishment?" or "serves them right?" or "look at that terrible oppression by our government against a good people?"

I just don't think its going to do the LDS any good to get on a conspiracy or 911 crusade. If there is something that goes down in SLC, then any provocated unrest will be blamed on an anti-government attitude by church leadership. That may seem like a stretch, but I just don't see what going on a crusade against a shadowy unknown enemy will get us. We have already been warned of conspiracy enough.

Anyways, the most important thing that anyone of us could ever do to preserve freedom in the US is to repent and live the commandments of God. We are given this land as our inheritance so long as we keep the commandments are promised to be free of oppression or occupation. The reason we have been IDEOLOGICALLY SUBVERTED in America is becasue we were first DEMORALIZED. Alex Jones and Ron Paul are giving us the bait and switch. Their answer to restoring the US is to focus on constitutional issues alone like "END THE FED" or "LEGALIZE DRUGS". The truth is that the key #1 factor in saving our country is repenting. And its repentance that our Church Leadership are providing and its the only message that can save us.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Capitalism = Capital Fascism

I am an Emergency Physician and not an Economist. However, the past couple of years I have been studying a bit of economic and banking physiology and pathophysiology. After some limited study, it is my informed opinion that the patient (US economy) is about to decompensate. However, it is not too late to save the patient. Just like the ED, if we were to unite together to institute some agressive banking and political interventions we could prevent a CODE BLUE.

It seems we have all been fed a false dichotomy of communism vs. capitalism. It is like noone can think of another way to do business. Our textbooks seem to expect us to pick our favorite flavor of tyranny.

Nazism= national fascism= ruling class makes the rules
Communism=social fascism=ruling class makes the rules
Capitalism=capital fascism=ruling class make the rules

With capitalism, we have decided that those with the money (special interests) should make all the rules. This is satan's version of the "golden rule". He who has the gold makes the rules. Reality is that Capitalism is a usury-based economic system where wealth called capital is made artifically scarce, and then is leveraged to enslave others. The money elite made up of a class of unelected capital holders use their economic power to make even more money and power.

Money elite in a usury-based capital fascist system influence politics and the economy by deciding what to invest in. Often, these decisions are made based on what will make them the most money but also on who and what they can best manipulate and control to maintain their power. Consequently, many decisions are often made to maintain their power and control which may be at odds with what is best for others and the nation as a while. The money elite ofter see themselves as too big and important to fail.

I am not saying money is bad. I am not saying simple interest is bad. What I am saying is that WE could fix this nation tomorrow by first individually repenting of our many sins (demoralization) and then applying a few constitution principles (ideological subversion).

1. Congress would create and issue all money which would stop the artificial scarcity of credit and control inflation.
2. Local Safety Society Banks would issue loans based on simple interest (loan origination fee and monthy service charge). Local banks would extend credit to worthy individuals, institutions, corporations, and governments ( the more people in a government or institution, the larger the loan they would qualify for)
3. Protect and build domestic infrastructure, manufacturing, and resources.
4. The money created by congress and lent by local banks would be backed by the "real" assets the money was lent to create or purchase. Only "real" assets could be deemed credit worthy.
5. Banks would opperate on full reserves and never lend deposited money. All money lent by the Safety Society would be created and issued by Congress.
6. Other kinds of private finacial institutions could deal in venture capital and other speculative investments. Safety Societies would not deal in speculative investments.

[This gets rid of fractional reserve banking, the business cycle, prevents banking failures, and controls inflation]

Capitalism or Capital Fascism claims an ideological struggle against Big Government making the rules. It claims that instead of big goverment making the rules we should have big business and big capital holders making the rules (special interest). This is part of the false dichotomy. Those involved with this "war on big government" propagate the lie that we should just "let the market work". We all should know how much market manipulation there is and nearly every aspect of the market is artificial.

Letting the markets work would be to allow the buyer and producer to negotiate a price without any intermediary or external interference e.g farmers market. This may not be efficient, but it is free.

War on Poverty => Big Gov.
War on Drugs => Big Gov.
War on Terror => Big Gov.
Capitalism = War on Big Goverment => Big Business

What we need in reality is to tear down the tower of Babel with smaller government and smaller business and smaller banks, etc.

I am a supporter of a Free Market Economy. I am not a supporter of Capitalism. Capitalism does not equal Free Market. There is no such thing as "free market capitalism". Capitalism is an economy based on the aquisition of capital where money aquired by individuals is leveraged to gain more capital and power in the system. Consequently, the whole basis of capitalism is based on inequality. The whole basis says that we would rather have people with the "capital" make the rules than have government make the rules.

If you are wealthy and have capital, then you have considerable unelected machiavellian power in our economy to decide who and what you will invest in. Capitalism is unequal by definition. The system benefits certain few individuals who constitute and unelected olygarchy.

Horatio Alger "rags to riches" myths propagate the lie that anyone who works hard enough can become one of the elite, and that those people up there earned the right to rule over us. The system benifits from casino psychology where we support an unfair system because maybe, just maybe our number will come up and we will become one of the ultra-rich elite.

In reality, the system is a good-ol-boys network where inventors and scientists and entrapeuners hardly ever profit from their discoveries. Many discoveries are suppressed, inventions are shelved, and local companies are absorbed by mega-multinationals.