Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Future Attack on Religious Freedom?

I am of the opinion that maybe before God allows America to be overrun by the Communists (if that is to happen) then the America will have to turn against the LDS. The LDS are the preserving salt. Only after the LDS are attacked (religious freedom) in some way will the wickedness of America be enough to bring on what will come to the US later.

According to the pattern in scripture, for a people to be fully ripe in iniquity, they must attack or cast out the righteous from among them like Able in Sodom and Gommorrah. Or, a majority of God's covenant people must be guilty of breaking their covenants. In that case, the covenant people become salt that has lost it's savor and become worthless but to be thrown out. Scripture warns us that when God's people no longer keep their covenants, then they are delivered up to the buffetings of Satan. Then when the people as a whole, cast out the righteous from among them, then that society has become ready to be overthrown.

In 1833 there was a historic meteor shower (google LEONIDS) that the wicked used as a sign to exterminate the LDS from Missouri. With this elenin hype, there may be a similar "sign" in 2011. Back in 1833, the Illuminati infiltrated the LDS Church and fomented war from within (Danites) and from without (Mobs). This ended the signing of the Extermination order and the expulsion of the LDS from Missouri. This is how Satan prevented the NEW JERUSALEM from being established.

There has been a surprising amount of coverage about ET's and UFO's that seems to be gaining in momentum with the main-stream media. Before, this kind of thing was the kind of lunitik fringe topic relegated to tabloid late-night talk radio shows like CoasttoCoastAM. However, it seems there have been an increasing level of sightings over that past couple of years. LDS Scripture is clear that God does not send messengers from other planets to this Earth. God's pattern for revelation is through HIS prophet and through HIS church. If there is some future UFO dislosure in the future, I can see how the LDS leadership would need to be more vocal on this issue. Could the UFO/ET issue be the one that turns the world against the LDS? I do not deny the existence of UFO's, but they are simply a cleaverly crafted deception involving suppressed magnetoplasmadynamic technology.

D&C 130:5 I answer, Yes. But there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it.

Could there be another attack being planned. Will HAARP trigger a wasatch fault EQ? FEMA is ready with an SLC supermorgue, bodybags, cemeteries, caskets, MRE's, immunization and processing centers and relocation residential centers. If an EQ doess occur, how will the Wasatch populas react. Will there be agent provacateurs positioned to start riots and fires. When martial law is imposed, and guns confiscated, will there be civil unrest?

How will the people react to the situation? Will they say "This is God's punishment?" or "serves them right?" or "look at that terrible oppression by our government against a good people?"

I just don't think its going to do the LDS any good to get on a conspiracy or 911 crusade. If there is something that goes down in SLC, then any provocated unrest will be blamed on an anti-government attitude by church leadership. That may seem like a stretch, but I just don't see what going on a crusade against a shadowy unknown enemy will get us. We have already been warned of conspiracy enough.

Anyways, the most important thing that anyone of us could ever do to preserve freedom in the US is to repent and live the commandments of God. We are given this land as our inheritance so long as we keep the commandments are promised to be free of oppression or occupation. The reason we have been IDEOLOGICALLY SUBVERTED in America is becasue we were first DEMORALIZED. Alex Jones and Ron Paul are giving us the bait and switch. Their answer to restoring the US is to focus on constitutional issues alone like "END THE FED" or "LEGALIZE DRUGS". The truth is that the key #1 factor in saving our country is repenting. And its repentance that our Church Leadership are providing and its the only message that can save us.

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