Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation Mountain Guardian

For the last few years, many on the Internet have been monitoring FEMA's activities. Since the events on 911, 10 years ago, and FEMA's seeming failure during Hurricane Katrina, the powers of FEMA and the new Department of Homeland Security has been greatly expanded. This weekend nearly a hundred state and federal government agencies are staging a massive drill in Denver, CO entitled Mountain Guardian.

Reports from Alex Jones' are telling us that a major element of Friday's activity involved transporting children from elementary schools to Mile High Stadium for "processing". It will be interesting to follow the progress of these drills and see what other elements are being put into practice and how federal and state agencies are being conditioned. It is also interesting that President Obama is also in Denver this weekend. It is rumored that he is participating in a DEFCON 1 exercize.

Earlier this year, the Federal Goverment produced NLE 2011 in Branson, MO. During this national exercize, government agencies practiced their response to a New Madrid Earthquake. A principle element of NLE 2011 was the mobilization of DMORT, which is an organization of mortitions who will be called in to assist with the processing of dead bodies during a mass casulty event.

At some point SLC, UT which lies on the Wasatch Fault will have a devistating earthquake. Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden are build upon a dry lake bed. Like Mexico City, a shallow earthquake in the valley would be greatly magnified causing significant liquifaction and shaking. Additionally, numerous mountain dams for Pineview, Deer Creek, Jordanelle, and East Canyon Reservoirs could fail sending torrents of water down mountain canyons into the valley below.

Well, so far FEMA is ready for a future event with bodybags, grave liners, cemeteries, a massive morge with expansive freezer space in downtown Sallt Lake, a recent purchase of tens of millions of MRE's, and DMORT. Add to that the system of FEMA residential centers (FEMA CAMPS) that are currently being staffed across the country (worker from HP). We have also seen federal agencies during Hurricane Katrina and other tornadoes go door-to-door confiscating guns. Also, we have NorthCOM assigning the 1st Brigade 3rd Infantry Division Combat Team to be assigned "assist" with domestic disaster response and humanitarian aid. I just hope the US Millitary doesn't respond with humanitarian aid the same way NATO responded in Libya. Now with Denver's Mountain Guardian exercize, we see the processing of children. It will be interesting to see what other elements will be put in place during this latest exercise.

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