Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Danites, Mormon War, and Illuminati Infiltration

I am sure that many here on this forum may be familiar with a little piece of LDS History involving the Danites. I used to think this fabled group was just folk-lore and myth, but I am now convinced that this group did exist.

To understand who the Danites were, it is necessary to understand the history of the tribe of Dan. Dan was one of the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel). The tribe of Dan was given an inheritance in Israel in the area of the Gaza Strip along the coast. However, the issue with Dan is that they did not have the faith sufficent to go against the Phillistines and recieve their inheritance. Instead, this group split up and settled along the coast just north of their inheritance, and then sent half their people up north to the area of the Golan Heights where they founded the city of Dan. So, instead of clearing out the Phillistines as God intended they took a bit of land from Ephraim in the South and Manasseh in the North. (Interesting that the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights are the focus of conflict in Israel today).

The consequences of Dan's unfaithfulness were grave. The Phillistines were a serious thorn in Israel's side that resulted in numerous wars, and the abandonment of their Republican style system of Judges in favor of a Monarchy. But in addition to that, Dan's unfaithfulness soon turned into apostasy, corruption, and then sedition and treason. Dan was the first tribe to apostasize from the LORD. Dan stole Micah's false priest Jonathan and set him and his idols up to be their religion (Judges 18). After the split of the Kingdom of Israel, King Jeroboam set up golden idols in Dan and Bethel so that the people of Israel would not have to make the pilgraimage to Jerusalem. Dan who "abode in ships" and were allied with the phoenicians and Damascus. Some believe that due to their apostasy, John did not mention the tribe of Dan in Revelation as receiving an inheritance in the future City of Zion.

The reason, I us the history of Dan is that I had never learned about the story of Dan until I started reading about the the history of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are a group who are sworn followers of Satan. Throughout the centuries, Satan's religion have gone by different names. After the Babylonian captivity, thier religion went underground and became shrouded in symbols and secrets. It has infiltrated many other religions and organizations throughout its history. In Judaism it is known as Kabbalah, In Islam it is know as Sufism. Early Christianity knew it as Gnosticism. In Catholicism, it formed 3 groups known as the Knights Templars, the Knights Hospitalers (Order of St. John) and the Teutonic Knights (Order of St. Mary) . In more modern times, this religion has infiltrated the upper levels of the Masonic Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Order of the Shrine.

On May 8, 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit priest, was assigned to create an organization known as the Bavarian Illuminati which incorperated gnostic practices. After being thrown out of Bavaria, the Illuminati found safe-haven by the Saxe-Gotha-Allenburg family. The group infiltrated freemasonry, and has operated behind the scenes fomenting wars, revolutions, overthrowing governments, and controlling the monetary and banking systems of the nations. Today, the British Royal Family (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe) and the Belgium Royal Famiy (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe) and the Dutch Royal Family (Orange-Nassau) together with the Rothschilds and other elite families have been infiltrating and consolidating financial, political, and economic power.

In the United States, they have founded the Bohemian Grove (Grove like Baal and Molech) where elite such as US Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Ivy League University presidents, CEOs from major corporations, and media mogules have a 2 week summer encampment in Nothern California. In addition to a few lectures and things, the meeting starts by dressing up in druid costums and performing a mock human sacrifice to a great stone owl (Cremation of Care [conscience]). Basically, most of those who show up spend most of the 2 weeks drinking, and engaging in homosexual behavior. Most US Presidents have been members of Bohemian Grove beginning with President Taft. Other secret societies in the US and Europe include the Bilderberg Conference and the Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale.

In light of the extent of Illuminati infiltration in the US, I believe the Dannites were a successful attempt by the Illuminati to infiltrate the LDS Church and foment hostilities from within against antagonistic mobs resulting in the Mormon War in Missouri and the extermination order signed by Govenor Boggs and the eventual expulsion of the LDS from Missouri. Sampson Avard, Jared Carter, and George W. Robinson are referenced as the leader of the Dannites, but I think there were other agent provacateurs present encouraging him just as FBI agents do often times do with radical militia groups and muslim extremists. It is recorded by ex-Mormon, Reed Peck, that Jared Carter and Dimick B. Huntington were encouraging the group to murder ex-LDS neighbors.

When Joseph Smith learned of Danites, he called it a "secret combination" formed contrary to his will and excommunicated Sampson Avard. Sampson Avard falsely claimed that he had received direction from Joseph Smith. John D. Lee a member of the Danites in Missouri also falsely claimed Brigham Young had ordered the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

So far, I haven't come across the evidence that certain Danite members were directed to infiltrate the LDS Church and cause problems. The only circumstantial evidence comes from the symbolism and false morality taught by the Danites. The philosophy of the Dannites is so absolutely foreign to the LDS. Even the name Danites has absolutely no meaning to the LDS. Dannites were totally the apostate tribe of Israel. Also those who jointed the Dannites, made blood oaths to ccarry out orders from leadership regardless of whether they thought it was right or wrong. LDS teach we are to always axt according to the dictates of our conscience. Illuminati get people to act against conscience usually by causing calamity and offering the solution. The Dannites made oaths that the ends justify any means necessary. Dannites also taught that if they consecrated the spoils of looting to the Church they would be protected. Again, this is totally false morality that has and never been taught in the LDS Church.