Thursday, January 12, 2012

Media Attack on Mitt Romney

1. flip-flopper. The media continues to instill mistrust in the pro-life conservative voter by questioning Mitt's allegiance to life. On a personal level, Mitt has and will always be always be pro-life. However, when running for Governor, Mitt clearly stated that he personally did not agree with abortion but was running on a neutral policy to not overturn Roe v. Wade. The majority of citizens in Massachusetts were pro-choice and it is not correct to impose our minority values on the majority. We live in a democracy and govern by the will and voice of the people. However, when other pro-life issues came to his desk as governor, such as the emergency contraception bill in 2005, he vetoed it. I think conservatives can judge Mitt on his voting record. He has never voted pro-choice. In national politics, the majority of Americans are pro-life, and therefore, if elected Mitt would support the overturning of Roe v Wade with exceptions.

2. Mormon religion and claimed beliefs. The media carefully repeats mis-information about what members of the LDS faith believe. Mormon beliefs is about the importance and sanctity of the traditional family, about following the doctrine of Jesus Christ which is to “do unto others what you would have them do unto you”, and being LDS is about patriotism to our country, its laws, and to the Constitution. LDS are taught that the US Constitution is inspired by God. So, people can spread rumors about what it means to be a Mormon, but family, virtue, and patriotism is what being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints means to me.

3. Association with anti-American globalist groups such as the Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Private Federal Reserve. Every year, the wealthy elite of the world get together during the last 2 week of July to enjoy their “Mid-summer encampment” at the exclusive and secret Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County Northern California. The Bohemian Club, is a secret elite, all-male association founded in 1872. One of the founding members was Mark Twain. More current membership includes every Republican US Presidents and many Democratic Presidents since Taft, Supreme Court Justices, presidential cabinet members, Forbes 100 CEO's, defense contractors, media moguls, IV League university presidents, all get together to frolic among the redwoods. In addition to the rumors, of drug use, homosexuality, prostitution, etc, is their disturbing Cremation of Care ceremony where a few members of the group of several thousand dress up like druids and burn the effigy of a child on an alter before a great owl statue. This is interpreted as the casting out of conscience preparatory to the many unconscionable acts they will do over the next 2 weeks. The Manhattan Project was initially conceived a the Grove (a fact Edward Teller excluded from his autobiography on the history of the H-bomb, he also discusses nuclear fracking at the end of the book as a great idea).

What nearly every Ron Paul supporter knows and is concerned about is the infiltration of American institutions and the subversion of American values by powerful anti-American globalist who get together in meeting like the Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Conference, CFR, G20, Davos, etc. and set the agenda, craft the laws, and decide the elections for the US.

A majority of Ron Paul supporter fear these meetings constitutes a US government, of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite. You may defeat Ron Paul in the Primary, but if he runs as a 3rd Party Candidate to continue “injecting issues into the debate”, you will loose the general election against President Obama. Ron Paul does not talk openly about the Bohemian Grove, but nearly all of his politics are reactionary to this issue. Nearly all Ron Paul supporters are concerned about the un-American influence of these organizations.

4. Romney Care = Obama Care. The elite-controlled media that has been giving you “anything but Romney” coverage, is associating the Massachusetts health care bill you established as the “blue print for Obama Care”. I am a Emergency Physician, and nothing could be further from the truth. The Ron Paul/Fox News group tries to paint this as a Constitutional issue because of the individual mandate that is required for everyone to purchase a minimum level of insurance just like drivers are required to purchase car insurance. Despite the media's attempts, I can't really even think of any similarities between Romney Care and Obama Care. 1. Romney care is a state program, and that is the crux of the Constitutional issue. The states are free to be “the laboratories of democracy.” 2. Romney care does not have a government option. The State of Massachusetts has not set up its own insurance company to compete against private insurance companies like Obama Care does. Romney care helps citizens afford to purchase private health care from Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Humana, Wellpoint, or United. 3. Romney care does not set up a quality reimbursement system where doctor's reimbursement will depend on a government defined quality factor. 4. According to, 59% of Massachusetts citizens are satisfied with Romney Care. (Harvard/Boston Globe Survey, 2009)

5. Anyone else but Romney. The main stream and alternative media attempting to injure your campaign with their “blah-blah”, un-excitement for you candidacy. The day after your win in New Hampshire, which wasn't really official until the next day, the news commentator said something like , “well since you all have already heard about the significance of Romney's win in New Hampshire yesterday, we don't want to bore you so we will move on to discuss other things today”.

I don't think there is anything you can do about this. The media is generally liberal and even the conservatives don't like you. Conservative Radio talk show host, Dr. Bill Bennett is very influential among the 60+ crowd and his support for John McCain hurt you 4 years ago.

6. Ron Paul Independent Run. If you let Ron Paul run as a 3rd-party candidate against you in the general election you will lose in the General Election to President Obama. So, either you address the many issues that the “conspiracy theorist” Ron Paul supporters are concerned about and distance your self from the globalists, and big business, or invite Ron Paul to be your running mate in the General Election. He may decline, but it may make him look bad if he runs as an Independent.

7. Association with Big Business. The economy has been in decline for the last 4 years. America is shipping our industry and jobs overseas. We are are not managing our affairs wisely. We are not “living within our means” as a nation. Much of the blame for our current economic condition is not being focused on Pres. Obama, but on big globalist investment firms like Goldman Sachs, and private institutions like the Federal Reserve. You need to distance yourself from the negatives of Big Business while playing up your leadership skills. You need to show that Bain Capital is not Goldman Sachs, or MF Global.

1. When you were with Bain & Company, you didn't like what they were doing, so you distanced yourself from them and formed Bain Capital. You were so successful doing what you knew to be right, Bain & Company asked you to serve as their CEO to get them back on track to profitability.
2. The 2002 Winter Olympics was mired in scandal. Corporate advertisers were pulling out left and right. You came in and operated things honestly and justly and turned things completely around and organized one of the most successful winter Olympics in history. You even directed traffic.
3. You ran as Governor of Massachusetts and didn't get into office and run things with a “business as usual” attitude. You got in and righted the ship, balanced the budget, and returned the State to efficient operation and continued prosperity.

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