Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Problem with Ron Paul

In July 2010, Barney Frank and Ron Paul co-authored a Huffington Post article rolling out their Sustainable Defense Task Force . The Task Force "consisting of experts on military expenditures that span the ideological spectrum" would recommend a trillion dollars in defense cuts.

However, as several articles are pointing out, these experts hardly represent the ideological spectrum. The names of the people in this TASK FORCE are huge liberals and have served in other very liberal, George Soros supported think tanks.

The Commonwealth Institute appears to be a think tank, public policy organization whose major project is called "the Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA)"

It appears that the goal of PDA is for "Sustainable Growth" of the DOD, which is a misleading way of saying that these policy makers want to cut the US Military Budget by $1 Trillon over the next 10 years. However, everyone knows that just pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan would achieve this goal without any further cuts to Defense spending. What puzzles me is that this whole PDA/Sustainable Defense Task Force is a group formed by a partnership between Ron Paul and Barney Frank, and it is filled with people connected with George Soros. The people who will decide how best to gut the DOD just at the exact time Russia and China are getting ready to attack the US

William D. Hartung (New American Foundation) Soros Funded
Lawrence J. Kolb (the Center for American Progress) Soros Funded, Obama WhiteHouse Think Tank
Miriam Pemberton (Institute for Policy Studies) Soros Funded, Soros Jr on board
Christopher Hellman (National Priorities Project) Soros Funded
Winslow Wheeler (Center for Defense Information) Urging globalism
Charles Knight (Project for Defense Alternatives)
Carl Conetta (Project for Defense Alternatives)
Guy Molyneux (Open Society Institute)
Richard Healey (Institute for Policy Studies, Center for Social Inclusion)
Paul Kawika Martin (Peace Action = Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, Physicians for Social Responsibility) Soros Funded
Lacie Olson (Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Physicians for Social Responsibility)
Heather Hurlburt (National Security Network) Soros funded

According to a article 9 out of 14 members of the Paul-Frank Task Force are linked to George Soros supported organizations. 2 are affiliated with the CATO Institute.

Task Force Proposals:
1. cutting nuclear deterrence
2. reduce navy fleet by 57 ships, 2 carriers
3. cancel Joint Strike Fighter
4. curtail missile defense
5. retire four Marine battalions
6. reduce military by 200,000
7. cut DOD research by 50 Billion over 10 years
8. increase healthcare fees for military

Paul is a globalist fraud. Only most conspiracy nuts are too near-sighted to realize their conspiracy candidate is just another example of controlled opposition.

#1. A work associate who is a member of an elite family have supported him and the Tea Party from the beginning
#2. He's a Libertarian
#3. He is associated with Alex Jones
#4. He wants to legalize drugs
#5. He voted to end "don't ask don't tell"
#6. His "Sustainable Defence Task Force" wants to gut the heart out of our military.
#7. He spoke yesterday favorably about a return to the gold standard ( it's the amortized loan that inflates not the FED).

I have noted that you routinely talk about how the Soviet-Russian Establishment is an expert at setting up controlled opposition party candidates. However, it seems when it comes to the Anglo-American Establishment and Ron Paul, you never consider that he is also a cunning example of controlled opposition. Why do I believe Ron Paul is on the dark side? Let me list the reasons.

Anthony "Tony Powers" deMedici is a local radio personality in my area, and a local and national Tea Party organizer. I worked with Tony's son James who got me listening to Alex Jones. Because of this interaction, I mistrust Ron Paul and Alex Jones.

Ron Paul is associated with Alex Jones who is controlled opposition taking the place of William Cooper. Look at who Alex Jones associates with: Jessie Ventura (obvious insider who founded wwe and used insider money and influence to get elected governor), Charlie Sheen (used his insider American Express Black Card for drugs and prostitutes).

Ron Paul is a Libertarian. The whole Libertarian movement is controlled opposition. Ive been listening to Neal Boortz and Herman Cain out of Atlanta for years. I liken the Libertarian movement as Republicanism without virtue. Boortz routinely says he could never run for president because of the many skeletons in his closet.

Ron Paul is a member of the Greek fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. President Truman also was initiated or "crossed over" to this fraternity before being inaugurated. In my mind, this Greek fraternity seems a bit more than the usual college weekend drinking club.

Soros and Barny Frank associated "Sustainable Defence Task Force"

Puts pork in bills and votes against them knowing they will pass anyways.

Against the FED but wants to return to gold. Ending the FED is good but returning to gold won't change the boom-bust economy.

Wants to legalize drugs knowing that it's government corruption and secret societies that run the drugs and create the "market" and not the "market" itself.

Advocated ending all foreign aide. Yes, $1.5 billion to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by Pres Obama isn't good, but humanitarian relief is the only good PR the US has at the moment.

Ron Paul will run against Romney and Obama as a third party splitting off conservative votes from Romney. Consequently, Obama will win in October.

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