Thursday, March 29, 2012

Common Emergency Preparedness Errors

1. The first mistake in preparing for the worst is not understanding what we should be preparing for.

Pres. Obama hinted this last week that when he is re-elected, he will have more "space" to remove the US missile defense out of Europe. Pres. Obama has also clearly stated on several occasions that the US has the "moral obligation" to lead the world in nuclear disarmament.

Disarming militarily and removing our missile shield from Europe will leave Russia open to pull off a nuclear first strike.

The fake Soviet Union collapse has fooled the US into a false sense of security. The same communist party that was in control before "glasnost" is still in charge today (Boris Berezovsky). The Old Soviets have continued to upgrade and modernize their nuclear arsenal at Yamantau Mountain.

Make no mistake about it. A nuclear first strike on America is coming. The burning of Babylon (Rev 18, Zach 5) and invasion of heathen armies (Joel 1-3) and the division of America after the Iran war (Dan 8) is clearly described in the Bible and modern revelation (Joseph Albert Smith Vision).

2. Weapons and Zombie Apocalypse programming will lead to gun confiscation. When the US goes to war with Iran, gas will go to 8$/gal and food will become too expensive. The poor in America will continue to get welfare checks in the mail, but that money won't be enough to buy anything.

The Petro-Dollar System is dead. Russia, China, Iran, Japan all trading for oil and commodities in their own currencies. And now rumor has it that Saudi Arabia together with China are building the worlds largest oil refinery. The world is getting ready to abandon and replace the USD as the world reserve currency.

When the USD is next to worthless, and people start to go hungry they will protest, protests will lead to riots, riots will lead to American citizens opening fire on American citizens. If this happens, the government will confiscate weapons. When weapons are confiscated, Russia and China can invade.

It's okay to have guns. Just loose the predictive programming.

3. Don't live by a nuclear target. Read "Strategic Relocation" by Joel Skousen

4. Don't live in the city

5. Don't isolate yourself in the country. People think of you live in the country you are safe. In reality, you are just isolated. If you can get to your location, so can brigands.

6. Prep for nuclear fallout by storing water. Radiation from nuclear bombs takes 2-4 weeks to wash off. You want to hunker down until radiation levels drop and you don't want to Ingest radiation. Unfortunately, You cannot purify radioactivity from water unless you distill it. You either need to store clean water or you need a hand pump well.

7. Storing hard whole wheat and dry beans is the best mist efficient food to store. First it will keep you alive. Second, it's difficult enough to prepare, sprout, soak, grind, etc that the FEDs or criminals won't want it. But they will kill you over a can of soup.

8. Religious Banding is the best defense. Criminals are natural cowards. Gangs, like wolves, will cull the weak from the herd. There is strength in numbers.

9. 22LR is the best survival caliber. Don't be fooled by anyone who says different.

10. When the system collapses, there will be no ability to travel. there will be no ability to "bug out" to anywhere. You better be prepared where you are and know that even if you have a stockpile or cache or retreat somewhere, you likely won't survive getting there, or someone else will get to your stuff before you do.

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