Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 25, 2012 Venus, Jupiter, Crescent Moon Conjunction

I don't believe in Astrology. To me, it's much more important how my life is aligned than how the planets and stars are aligned. If I am doing the right kind of things, associating with the right people, and frequenting the right kinds of places, then good things are going to happen. However, if my neighbor was superstitious, and believed that he had to throw a bucket of cold water out his front door at 2 pm every day. Well, I would know two things about my neighbor: 1. he is crazy, and 2. don't stand on his porch at 2 pm.

Sadly, it seems that the powers that control the governing and financial systems of the world are superstitious and they do believe in Astrology. Who are these people? These are the international elite who attend meetings such as the Davos Conference in Davos, Switzerland, or the Bilderberg Conference, or the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County California each July. There people are into Astrology, and I have been interested in finding out what Astrological events might be important to these people. Satan likes Astrology because he can't trigger supernovas and other really impressive celestial wonders. So, Satan has to rely on counterfeit stuff that is predictable.

In August 2010, I had just read a book about the Crusades that climaxed with the Siege and fall of the Constantinople. It turns out that some know are coming to terms with the truth that the Early Christian Church had 5 capitals: Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Symrna (Constantinople). According to my Eastern Orthodox friends, each bishop of each capital was to be of equal power and authority in the church. However, the Roman Empire sought to control all of Christianity and needed to wage war against and destroy all the other capitals. War isn't very Christian, so what they did is invent another religion to go to war and destroy their competition for them. So, there are an increasing number of people revealing the possibility that elements within the Catholic Church may have created the Muslim religion to wage war and destroy the other Christian capitals. Anyways, the book I was reading said that there was a great sign in the sky on the night Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire. That sign was described as a conjunction of several planets with a crescent moon. So, every time you see the Muslim symbol of a star and crescent moon, you will know that in addition to other meanings, this symbol represents the conquest of the Great Conspiracy over Christianity.

I have also read the opinion that the "Don't Worry Be Happy" Walmart smiley face can also be interpreted to signify a planetary and crescent moon conjunction. Back in the August 2010 post, I had just been watching the movie "Watchmen" and noticed that the movie had a lot of strange symbolism in it. One character Ozymandias is another name for Ramses the Great and signifies a tragic ruler who oversees the destruction and fall of an Empire. Ozymandias comes from a poem by Horace Smith about the tragedy of the fall of Egypt like the fall of Babylon. Ozymandias in the movie "Watchman" is said to idolize Alexander the Great. You will remember that the Greek Empire was divided into 4 after the tragic death/assassination of Alexander the Great. Another Character in the movie "Watchmen" is Rorschach who wears a "Smiley Face" pin. The pin that Rorschach wears has a blood stain over the right eye in the appearance of a minute hand of a clock face suggesting that the time is 11:55 to midnight. I should also remind you that the "Watchman" movie is about Ozymandias pulling off a "false flag" attack on a US City using a nuclear type bomb.

The bloody right eye symbolism of the Rorschach smiley face pin has other symbolism. One eye, relates to to the Anti-Christ or the Dajjal of the Muslim Religion. According to Wikipedia, Muhammad taught: "Allah is not one eyed while Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape." This is part of the reason some believe that the US military reported that Osama Bin Laden was shot through the right eye and then thrown in the ocean. This "respectful" burial at sea was making Bin Laden a type of the Dajjal. Other movies depict one-eyed villains such as Dennis Hopper's character "the Deacon" in the post-apocalyptic movie "Waterworld."

Anyways, during the middle of March (the Ides of March), we have another interesting conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. However, the conjunction together with a crescent moon will be visible just after sunset on about March 24-25th. The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon will form a smiley face in the night sky. In addition, the Pleiades constellation will form a sort of crown on the head of the face. I am not predicting anything is going to happen. I am just saying my conspiracy threat level will be raised a level.

Revelation could be interpreted to speak of this conjunction event as well.

Rev 12:1 "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman (Venus) clothed with the sun (Jupiter) , and the moon under her feet (Crescent Moon), and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (Pleiades):"

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My friend said its going to be the shape of the devils long is the allignment because it is march 27th and he said he saw it tonight ....possible?