Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New Attack Strategy on Mitt Romney

When it came to controlled opposition Libertarian candidate Ron Paul, the media obviously ignored him. When it comes to Mitt Romney, the real target, the media is much more sophisticated and calculated in their opposition.

During the primary, the Media played the "anyone but Mitt" game, artificially propping up different alternative candidates week after week telling us Romney hasn't generated enough enthusiasm and hoping one of their globalist alternative candidates will gain traction. In the end NPR said, we all knew Romney was going to be the GOP nominee all along and the media is guilty of making the primary sound like more of a "horse race" than it really was.

Michael Savage then articulated the new "veiled" attack strategy on Mitt Romney. According to an article linked on the Drudge Report website talking about Savages newest book, Savage on one hand says he will vote for Mitt Romney as better than the Obama alternative. However, Savage says that Romney "still remains a mystery". Savage questions, " who really is Mott Romney" and what is his "commitment to the Constitution?"

With friends like this, who needs enemy. Again and again, the controlled mainstream and alternative media, continue to inject doubt and uncertainty, undermine enthusiasm and confidence.

The truth is that I have seen Mitt Romney on the campaign trail and him all his speeches he has spoken passionately about the Constitution and preserving traditional conservative values. However, the media, mainstream or alternative, have never aired these sound bites.

Drudge reported Mitt Romney is looking at SC governor Nikki Haley as VP. I saw her campaign with Mitt in SC and I had a positive impression of her. Truthfully, I don't know much about her, but being female and being from the South may help Romney. Interesting she is of Indian ethnicity, identifies herself as Christian but was raised Sikh.

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