Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Nuclear Bible

I have made several postings reporting on media rumors concerning nuclear terror over the last few years. I'm sure these posts seemed rather strange. But an eBook entitled "the Nuclear Bible" by David Chase Taylor carefully reviewed the various mainstream and alternative media reports on the subject.

Thankfully nothing has happened along those lines. Thankfully, there have been no significant terrorist attacks on US soil like 9/11 since 9/11. There have been some foiled bomb plots.

Some believe many of these foiled domestic terror plots like the "Time Square Bomber" or the "Underwear and Shoe Bombers" involved the FBI "handlers" "raking" mosques for mentally ill muslims who were easily radicalized. These mentally ill, radicalized muslims are then provided with bomb components. The FBI then stops the terrorist plot after the bomb fizzles instead of long before. Thus the American people are led to believe we are all in peril and must give all our liberties so the Federal Government can protect us.

When people find out the FBI has been tracking the terrorist for years, and asked why they didn't stop the bombing before it occurred and not wait until after, the FBI or CIA gives the same "Fast and Furious" cover story that they were watching the terrorist to see of he would lead them to bigger fish. The truth is, the CIA back-ops handlers are the bigger fish and are protecting the suspect from arrest by honest law enforcement.

Anyways, for several years we heard fear-mongering about Soviet suitcase nukes going missing or nuclear bombs being accidentally transported from North Dakota to Louisiana. We hear about AWOL Afghans in Texas and also heard about alqaeda operatives studying and stealing nuclear materials from a Canadian University and threatening a "nuclear 911".

At the same time we were hearing rumors of Operation Black Jack which was published by the UK Telegraph. This comic series predicted a series of nuclear attacks on several US cities resulting in the declaration of martial law and the imposition of the Security and Prosperity Partnership which would have placed Canada Mexico and the US under a single government-a North American Union. Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks released information about a similar attack.

There was even mention of strange occult numerology that Super Bowl 44 was going to be the last Super Bowl, Pres Obama was the 44th and last POTUS and the US Postage at 44c was the last postage rate.

Conspiracy theory radio talk show personality Alex Jones was fear-mongering about an al Qaeda nuclear attack during the 2011 Super Bowl in Texas Stadium. Rumor has it that Alex Jones started doing a Sunday afternoon show so he would be on the air if anything happened. Like Y2K, Alex Jones was ready to whip his listeners into a frenzy had anything occurred. On Y2K, Jones attempted a "War of the Worlds"-like episode claiming the Russians were going to nuke the US.

Well, just like Y2K, nothing happened during Super Bowel XLV. The explanation why nothing occurred was that an author David Chase Taylor released an online book "the Nuclear Bible" a few days before the Super Bowl, which laid out the whole plan and all the predictive programming by the media to take full advantage of the fear and chaos that would have resulted from such an event. According to Taylor, in addition to declaring martial law and creating the North American Union, the point of the terrorist attack was to blame it on Pakistan so the US military could have the excuse to seize Pakistani nukes.

You will remember the media reported on another attempt to seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. A US CIA agent Ray Davis was discovered by Pakistani ISI trying to selling nuclear material to Al Qaeda. The point was that if the US could make it look like Pakistani nuclear materials were not secure, the US military could persuade the international community that the US should seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

As it happened, nothing has happened except losing trust with the Pakistani government and people. I admit being rather paranoid about all this Operation Black Jack stuff at the time. I had just "woken up" to the reality of Bohemian Grove and Globalist Conspiracy and didn't yet understand about the extent of misinformation out there on the Internet and in the media. I have to admit bringing MREs with me on a family vacation just in case something were to happen while we were on the road.

But what about David Chase Taylor and his publication of "the Nuclear Bible" that saved the day just before the Super Bowl? Supposedly this online publication saved the day. Taylor's online book reviewed all the above details and supposedly tipped of investigators who thwarted the attack before it happened.

The whole thing is weird. Who goes to the trouble of documenting all that? It reminds me of Lord Monckton fighting against UN climate change legislation and finding the "climate gate" emails just in time. I don't trust the either side. Black hats and white hats are controlled. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis.

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