Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nuclear Disarmament

While I am no fan of nuclear missiles, the reality is that the US has long been adopting a policy of nuclear disarmament while Russia has been secretly violating the START 1 and New START treaties. "Countdown to Zero" was a carefully crafted price of propaganda documentary in Dec 2010 by the same producers that brought us Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." The documentary's release date preceded the signing of the New Start Treaty in Feb 2011.

While the US unilaterally disarms, Russia has long been expanding and modernizing their nuclear stockpile at their underground megacomplex at Mount Yamantau. Russia has also been preparing for a nuclear conflict by building 5000 new nuclear shelters:

These 5000 new shelters are in addition to Moscow's subway system which was built to double as a nuclear shelter and an extensive shelter system built during the cold war:

World's biggest Atomic bunker - Russia cares for its own People - Britain lets Public DIE

Interesting detail in this video is how they acknowledge that gamma radiation has fallen to relatively safe levels after just 2 weeks and it can be safe to emerge from a bunker wearing a plastic suit needed for the remaining alpha and beta radiation.

This is in addition to the buildup of Chinese underground nuclear tunnel system. The basis of this discovery is that many of these tunnel systems collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. These collapsed tunnel systems were easily observable by Google Earth:

The US and British policy on the other hand is to absorb an initial first strike and provide no protection for it's citizens. "Firststike" is a 1979 documentary describing how the US would be unable to effectively retaliate after being attacked:

First Strike (Part 1)

LDS Political Scientist Joel Skousen, nephew of Cleon Skousen, shares the view that Russia and China will conduct a nuclear attack the US one day. He has written several books on the subject of preparation for this eventuality and publishes a weekly newsletter:

In addition to Joel Skousen's intel on the globalist/Gadianton's plans for America, while he doesnt discuss them publically, Bro. Skousen is well aware of the several recorded versions of the George Albert Smith Vision of WW3. The first is recorded by my neighbor David Horne and the second was recorded by a Bro. Fuchs from LaVerkin UT. I have all versions. While not official LDS doctrine, this vision gives the best clues as to the timing of this event.


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