Friday, June 15, 2012

Debt Jubilee? A Very Bad Idea

Listening to TruNews with Rick Wiles tonight featured an interview with Australian economics Professor Steve Keen. Professor Keen had a few good ideas along with some very bad ones.

1. Good:
Keen recognized that a monetary system where gold is used as money is a bad idea because economic growth is tied to the availibility of the physical metal. Keen says there has to be "flexibility" in the monetary system to create money to meet the demand of the next technical revolution.

1. Bad:
Keen says he likes the flexibility our current credit-based monetary system where banks create money via double ledger bookkeeping and fractional reserve lending although he also acknowledges that our current debt-based system is unsustainable.

1. Comment:
The Safety Society system creates money on demand for real assets as citizens are credit worthy. In SSS, the Federal Government creates all money on demand as local citizens become credit-worthy and have a real asset to purchase and demonstrate an ability TI repay.

2. Good:
Keen says that the US should have used robotics to expand our work force to meet the challenges of an expanding dependent-class and a diminishing worker-class in the US with the retirement of the Baby Boomer Generation.

2. Comment:
I have always been impressed with factories like textile mills and the Lego Factory that run all day and night and are fully automated from start to finish. Thus production of goods requires no or very few unskilled laborers.

3. Good:
Keen says that our current banking system generates profits off of debt. Consequently, banks set up to get people to accept as much debt as possible regardless of their ability to pay the loan back.

3. Comment:
Local banks collect loan origination fees and then sell the loans to Fannie Mae. After the local bank has collected its 3% and sold the loan, they don't care what happens to the loan.

4. Good:
The problem is that banks have been lending for stocks and derivatives that have no intrinsic value. Hedge Funds have been making money off of the expanding debt bubble. Keens rightly questions the practice of borrowing based on the hope of making money on the inflated/appreciating price of a commodity.

4. Comment:
The Safety Society System only lends for real assets and never lends for the purchase of stock or other securities. Appreciating assets drive inflation. In SSS there is no inflation. Money Supply = Economic Output.

Keens made a brief point about if 2 people wanted the same home, who would win. I didn't understand Keens mechanism. However, according to SSS, the bank would only approve a loan based on the value of the asset. The winner of the sale would be the person who has the largest amount of private equity to bring to the table.

5. Bad:
Keens thinks QE3 should be a Debt Jubilee or public sector bailout where the US Government creates $100,000 for each household to first pay off or reduce their debts.

5. Comment:
While QE1 and 2 were not as inflationary as they could have been because money stayed with the banks and didn't trickle down. What happened is the Government expanded the money supply that they had contracted by implementing the Basil 2 Accords which tightened fractional reserve requirements.

I'm not sure how an Austrian Economists could call for a Debt Jubilee. I thought that according to Austrian "laissez-faire" principles, private contracts should be free from government intervention. Therefore, of the market is to work, we should let winners win and losers lose.

According to several economists I understood that the government stimulus checks were very inflationary. Consequently, I expect a debt Jubilee to be even more so. A very dangerous idea.

In the Safety Society System, the market allows winers to win and losers to lose. Additionally, there is the right level of local control over money creation. However, unlike the Monetarist system, money creation is controlled on a local level and not the Federal level. If a person is credit worthy, and has a real asset to buy, that person can get a loan and make the purchase and repay the loan with only simple interest.

SSS Banks would not be interested in loading up their customers with as much debt as possible because although they make money on fees, SSS are non-profit. Homes and land are purchased to retain there value and not appreciate as as the currency depreciates.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've become somewhat of a conspiracy realist the last few years. Not that I believe everything is a conspiracy, but I believe that Satan's forces are organized against that which is right and considering the warnings in the Book of Mormon and considering that we are living in the Last Days we shouldn't be surprised that Satan's forces aren't "pulling out all the stops" in the little time they have remaining.

Anyways, my path in learning about the history of conspiracy started with a study of banking and economics in 2008 following the housing crash. Even before the emails from Goldman Sachs were discovered, the whole downturned smelled engineered to me. I knew immediately, the real problem was banking exposure to the derivatives market. I also learned about the role of the FED and Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords.

This then led me to view a lecture by BYU Physicist Steven E Jones on 911. I was aware of his claims about thermite and controlled demolition. However, I wasn't prepared at the time to accept it. Dr Jones was one of my physics professors at BYU and I remember learning a very important lesson, "unless you can learn to think in terms of natural law; common sense will never get you to the right answer".

Dr. Jones got me thinking in terms of natural law: force, acceleration, momentum, and thermodynamics. After watching his presentation, there was no doubt left in my mind that the official 911 conspiracy theory was a lie and the event was orchestrated to get the US militarily involved in the Middle East.

Next, a friend at work (James deMedici) got me listening to Alex Jones conspiracy radio. There I learned more about conspiracy in government and globalist meetings at the Bohemian Grove, Council of Foreign Relations, Davos Conference or the Bilderberg Conference. Turns out every president from Woodrow Wilson to Bush 2 has attended Bohemian Grove. And even Pres Taft upon becoming Chief Justice. The reality being that the US hasn't had a real POTUS since Teddy Roosevelt. This collusion includes FDR and Pres. Eisenhower whose policies led to the creation of the Soviet Union, Operation Keelhaul, and the assassination of General Patton who had woken up to the conspiracy.

All this time Americans hope things will change for the better with a Republican president or a Democratic president when in reality, both parties are controlled by the same special interest and Fabian Socialist who desire to depopulate, enslave and genetically breed us in some kind of transhumanist new world order. But to bring about their "world order" like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, they plan to bring their order out of chaos following a world wide economic collapses, and destruction of America and Western Europe via a nuclear Armageddon from Russia and China.

Political Scientist Joel Skousen helped be discover the reality is that the fall of the Soviet Union was a fraud and the same Communist Party players who were in control before are still in control of Russia today. Cutting away some of the poorer Soviet States allowed Russia the ability to invest more of its oil wealth into its expansive military industrial complex and the upgrade of its nuclear arsenal at Youmantau Underground Complex. This expansion and modernization comes at the time when the US is unilaterally disarming itself and downgrading our military or maintaining obsolete forces like Aircraft Carrier groups.

All the while ignoring the Communist Chinese threat because they don't have aircraft carrier navy. Instead Communist China has secured expansive mineral rights in Africa and Australia, gained control of hundreds of ports in South and North America, wrested away nearly all of US manufacturing, and developed its own nuclear arsenal which it keeps hidden under thousands of miles of underground tunnel systems discovered following the Sichuan earthquake. Communist China has wisely avoided obsolete carriers and invested in their anti-ship ballistic and mach-10 stealth cruise missiles; high-alpha J-20 stealth fighters; stealth subs; and fast-attack, stealth, missile-shooting cat-foil ocean cruisers.

Why are the Fabian Globalists wanting to destroy the US? Because they can't realize their "Tower of Babel", "Georgia Guidestones" society until they get rid of the US Constitution. They can't control a people who believe they can successfully govern themselves. Therefore, the entire media propaganda and psyop objective is for the US to completely loose faith in Constitutional government. What they want is the American Democracy to become just another failed self-government experiment in our history books next to Greece and Rome.

Lately, I've been listening to TruNews with Rick Wiles. This is a more Christian based program and much less bombastic than Alex Jones, but a bit more exciting than Radio Liberty with Dr Stanley Monteith. I always assume if I'm hearing it on the public airways I'm not getting the whole story. However, Rick Wiles guest Michael Shrimpton was rather interesting.

So, Michael Shrimpton claims to be an analyst for British Intelligence and a "past" member of the Chatham House or Royal Institute of National Affairs. In my mind anyone who is a member of a "royal institute of" anything is automatically an insider. Anyways, he is telling the audience that he intercepted russian intelligence that a super secret German intelligence agency DVD is responsible for planning a nuclear attack against the Queen of England during the London Summer Olympics. Shrimpton claims the DVD sabotaged the Russian nuclear submarine "the Kursk", got ahold of several nuclear warheads, shipped the warhead to London by a (not yet decommissioned) WW2-era U-boat, and we're going to detonate it during the opening ceremonies. Shrimpton then goes on to say the DVD were the real power behind the NAZIs, they were behind the bankers who caused the 2008 financial crisis, and they triggered the Fukushima tsunami using a HAARP -like energy weapon and a nuclear detonation. The DVD is also supposedly behind the attack on the Vatican and responsible for the leaks revealing connections to the Mob. According to Schrimpton, the DVD is the secret intelligence agency of secret intelligence agencies.

The reason I'm relating this last part by Shrimpton not because I believe any part of what he is saying. The point in retelling it is; one way or the other, people are going to a lot of trouble to deceive. If all this stuff about the DVD is true (which it isn't); then wow. But even if it is a lie; then what a lie. This Scrimpton guy is one authoritative-sounding serial confabulator.

The question today is what will happen with the Euro? Joel Skousen thinks that the Euro crisis is engineered and that all these bailouts of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) will be used to impose more IMF monetary controls over the other Euro States. Skousen believes the globalist would never allow their European Union to fail.

Others fear that Great Britain and German will abandon the Euro. Rick Wikes has been saying he wouldn't be surprised if France or Great Britain were to first leave the Euro; East German Angela Merkel would create a new Germany-Russian economic partnership with East German KGB agent Vladimir Putin.

Despite Rick Wiles continual financial doom prophesying, I feel like the Powers That Be (TPTB), will not allow even a blind outsider like Mitt Romney to become POTUS. The question is; will it be smooth sailing in the US until the election in Nov or will all hell break loose between now and then. Seems to me that any bumps in the road help Mitt Romney.

Rick Wiles is reporting that Syria may attack TelAviv with chemical weapons. If Syria attacks the homosexual capital of the world, Israel has plans to evacuate the city and will completely destroy Damascus (Isa 17:1). Of course, all the friction in Syria and Iran is giving Russia and China more excuse to First Strike the US.

Today on TruNews reports that US only now realized China has the ability to remotely surveil or deactivate components in numerous US military electronic hardware systems. Just like the CIA spied with US-made Xerox machines, the US military has found millions of Chinese-made electronic components are either bad or have built-in back doors. This may be how Iran was able to take control and land the US stealth drone several months ago.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Pain Treatment

1. Muscle relaxers, NSAIDS: Valium is a much better muscle relaxer than Flexeril. While Opioids mask pain and can make back pain worse, Valium and NSAIDS work in the tissues and aid in healing. Only use opioids at night or while resting. Never take opioids and engage in usual activity.

2. Sitting Posture: Lower back should have a natural Lordotic curvature. Many people slouch when sitting in the car or on a sofa. Place a throw pillow in small of back to maintain proper sitting posture when sitting in car and in front of TV.

3. Walking Mechanics: the front of the foot is the shock absorber for the body. Current shoes lead us to heal-strike and walk on back of foot instead of front. This transfers shock to knees, hips and back. Dansko clogs are designed to keep weight forward so walking impact stress is absorbed by foot. Walking on heal in clogs will cause the clog to flip off your foot.

4. Deep Massage, Stretching, physical therapy, exercise: help keep back muscles strong and limber which help protect from injury. Avoid spinal manipulation. Use Valium to relax muscles and not back cracking.

5. Stop Smoking, Good nutrition: smoking damages tissue and inhibits healing. Good nutrition strengthens tissues and aids healing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


The following is a great article on Amalickiah in the Book of Mormon. The point of the Article is that if the Book of Mormon contain a hundredth-part of the doings of the Nephites and if Mormon and Moroni claimed to have seen our day, and to know our doing; then there must be an important reason Mormon spent so much time telling us about baddies such as Amalickiah. Amalickiah is a prideful Nephite who used flattery, lies, fraud, propaganda, deceit, false-flag terror, murder, and war in an attempt to overthrow the free government of the Nephites. The point of the article is that we would be wise to watch out for similar similar evil schemers among us.