Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Pain Treatment

1. Muscle relaxers, NSAIDS: Valium is a much better muscle relaxer than Flexeril. While Opioids mask pain and can make back pain worse, Valium and NSAIDS work in the tissues and aid in healing. Only use opioids at night or while resting. Never take opioids and engage in usual activity.

2. Sitting Posture: Lower back should have a natural Lordotic curvature. Many people slouch when sitting in the car or on a sofa. Place a throw pillow in small of back to maintain proper sitting posture when sitting in car and in front of TV.

3. Walking Mechanics: the front of the foot is the shock absorber for the body. Current shoes lead us to heal-strike and walk on back of foot instead of front. This transfers shock to knees, hips and back. Dansko clogs are designed to keep weight forward so walking impact stress is absorbed by foot. Walking on heal in clogs will cause the clog to flip off your foot.

4. Deep Massage, Stretching, physical therapy, exercise: help keep back muscles strong and limber which help protect from injury. Avoid spinal manipulation. Use Valium to relax muscles and not back cracking.

5. Stop Smoking, Good nutrition: smoking damages tissue and inhibits healing. Good nutrition strengthens tissues and aids healing.

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