Friday, July 06, 2012

CNN Report on HIV in Africa

I'm listening to CNN discuss the reasons behind AIDS in Africa. According to the report, they claim gay men have a hard time thinking about protecting themselves from HIV and using condoms when they feel ostracized by society and feel bad about themselves.

CNN also says gays have an issue with love because gays and HIV is also an issue of love. Because gays love each other they want to trust that their partner doesn't have HIV. So, i think what CNN is trying to say is that, among gay African men, using a condom would be a sign of mistrust. At the same time they said gay men typically have partners in multiple cities plus girlfriends to cover up the fact they are gay.

So, according to CNN, it seems we are meant to believe that it is partly society's fault that gays in Africa don't protect themselves from getting HIV by using condoms because society causes gay men to not feel accepted for their life choices and behavior.

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