Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama Acknowledges Russian Violation of START Treaty


The United States has entered into several Nuclear disarmament treaties with Russia. The latest was Pres. Obama's new START treaty signed in 2011. However, an executive order released by the White House several weeks ago acknowledges that Russia has been violating the START1 and New START treaties by stockpiling large amounts of weapons-grade plutonium. From the text of the executive order it is apparent that knowledge of the violations of START1 were known back in 2000. This latest Executive Order serves to renew and expand the original declaration of a state of emergency.

Interesting details in the Order include info concerning a 1993 HEU agreement where Russia was supposed to extract HEU from 20,000 warheads send the fuel to the US for processing into LEU in exchange for money and uranium hexafluoride gas. Then the Order states that everything associated with this program should be immune from judicial investigation or prosecution.

Makes you wonder what Russia is doing with all that uranium hexafluoride gas.

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