Thursday, August 23, 2012

Robert Welch, JBS and Morality

Robert Welch was the founder of the conservative John Birch Society in 1958. JBS is dedicated to the mission of protecting traditional American Constitutional government from the encroachment of socialism by the progressive left and erosion of individual rights and freedoms as well as the protection of national sovereignty from international governance.

Amazingly. way back in 1958 Robert Welch articulated the exact agenda of the progressive socialist left and neocon right to surrender national sovereignty to international governance, grow the federal government, institute numerous expensive socialist programs, increase taxes, create overwhelming federal budget deficits, weaken the national currency through inflation, establish federal price controls, and federalize the education system.

Unfortunately, Robert Welch left out 1 critical area of attack which omission doomed his planned education remedy to complete failure. Mr. Welch forgot to mention the Fabian Socialist plan to attack and debase traditional American morality, values, and virtue. This was the critical omission.

Why was forgetting virtue so critical ? Mr Welch missed the immoral revolution of the 1960s that had already started in the 1950s. He should have realized that the JBS could not effectively educate an immoral generation. "Darkness cannot comprehend light" (John 1:5). Ideas of self-government, responsibility, individual liberty, don't make the same kind of sense to an immoral person like they do a moral one.

Immoral people tend to want what they see as best for themselves now. Moral people tend to choose that which is best for the most people in the long term. Moral people will choose that which benefits the majority even if it means they must make personal sacrifice in the short or even the long term. A moral person lives their life or gives their life for the good of their country. And immoral person would not and cannot comprehend why others would or could behave against their own self interest let alone understanding why they should.


Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the JBS campaign to restore morality? It was called MOTOREDE (MOvement TO REstore DEcency). JBS has plans to revive this campaign soon.

David B said...

MOTOREDE only focused on opposing the teaching of sex-Ed in school.