Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cooperation vs. Winner-Take-All?

During the Democratic convention Pres. Obama made a critical and deceptive mischaracterization on Romney which has not been rebutted. Pres. Obama said that this election would come down to a difference of vision for this country. According to Pres. Obama the vision of the Republican Party was "winner-take-all" while the vision of Pres. Obama was an America where each citizen felt a responsibility to cooperate with and help one another. This "winner-take-all" characterization by the DNC of the RNC is a gross mischaracterization.

"Winner-take-all" philosophy is the philosophy of Ayn Rand and her godless, individualistic, objectivist, meritocracy. The philosophy of Ayn Rand is not the vision Traditional Conservatives have for this nation.

Traditional Constitutional Conservatives recognize we all have a sacred responsibility to help one another in this nation. However, it's not the job of the Federal Government to force people to help. Those that need help need to freely ask and those that can help should freely give. Traditional charitable giving blesses both the asker and the giver. Government welfare hurts both sides.

Ayn Rand was wrong about her Meritocracy. This nation is built upon the principle of self-government according to the "golden rule". Our leaders were to be elected on the basis of virtue and not merit.

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