Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benghazi Attack

Had the WhiteHouse administration just called the Benghazi attack, a terrorist attack, from the beginning, the media and the American people and the people probably wouldn't be as concerned. Notwithstanding the tragic and terrible loss of 4 Americans including a US Ambassador and 2 Navy Seals.

But, the WH and even the President himself before the UN had to keep on saying the attack was a spontaneous demonstration over an obscure YouTube video.

Now we know the WH purposely lied and tried to coverup and misrepresent what happened in Benghazi. Why would the President lie about this. Why couldn't the President just say we were attacked when we were attacked?

But that's not all. When intel and emails came forward that the Benghazi attack was an attack, and the WhiteHouse doubled down on their story saying, we were just saying what we were told. So they blame the YouTube video story on bad Intelligence.

But know it has come out that drones were in the air, and live video, emails, panic flash traffic were sent directly from Benghazi directly to the WH situation room. Also, that military and intelligence and State Dept. were in continual radio communications throughout the attack.

So, now when it comes to the question. "why didn't they send help?" We have Secretary of Defense Panetta saying "you don't send in people into harms way unless you know what's going on". But as VP Joe Biden would say, 'that's a bunch a malarkey'.

The US Consulate in Benghazi came under attack. The panic button was pressed. On-call US special forces units in Tripoli and Italy who would normally respond were told to stand down and did not respond to the attack. Who gave the order? Gen. Petraeus says it wasn't him or AFRICOM.

But, that's not the end of it. Because it's not just Ambassador Stevens here. There is the issue of the 2 Navy Seals. Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were staying in a safe house of Annex a mile from the US Consulate. When they realized the Consulate was under attack, they defied orders to respond to defend the Consulate. The Seals were looking for missing shoulder-fire missiles.

It turns out the American Heroes Woods and Doherty got into the US Consulate, helped 30 people to escape, could not find the US Ambassador who was hiding somewhere in the US Consulate, after making sure 30 people were evacuated from the Consulate, Woods and Doherty made their way back to the Annex.

But then unexpectedly, the mob started attacking the safehouse or Annex and 7 hours after the attack, the attackers brought in a mortar and stated shelling the Annex. All the while, Woods and Doherty were in contact with the military asking for air support. They had a laser pointed at the mortar position which would have guided a bomb or a middle from a plane or helicopter to take out the mortar position. No help was sent and 7 hours after that attack stated. Woods and Doherty were killed by Mortar attack on the Annex.

From YouTube video it is clear the attackers were after the Ambassador.

1. How did the attackers know Ambassador Stevens would be at the US Consulate in Benghazi?
2. Why was security being handled by Libyans and not Americans?
3. Why was Ambassador Stevens no-where to be found? How could have everyone there just lost him?
4. Who and why where the seals at the annex told to stand down?
5. How did the attackers find our about the location of the safe house (annex)?
6. Why were the navy seals held up in the safe house denies air support (Spectre Gunship) and allowed to be killed by mortar fire?
7. Finally, why would to WH lie to the American about the attack being a 'spontaneous demonstration' and then lying again about being given bad intel, and lying again about not knowing what was going on?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This is an excellent documentary explaining the Fabian Socialist and Globalist agenda to destroy America by destroying American from within by corrupting morality and traditional family values.

The problems with this documentary is that it maintains the false left-right paradigm and doesn't acknowledge the neocon right-wing agenda. Also, it calls for more education as a solution and not a "return to virtue". You can't educate a demoralized individual. Darkness doesn't comprehend the light. Finally, the documentary doesn't say what to do with the X% of dependent Americans. Caring for the poor is still an individual responsibility.

To be clear, it is important to understand that this documentary is done by insiders because Communism is not the enemy. The part I liked was the confessions about their attack on morality and the family. Insiders articulate it so well.

However what will happen at some point is Russia and China will attack the US. Then at that point, the Fabian Globalists are betting that Americans will give up our national sovereignty to some form of neocon globalist government to save us from calamity. Communism is just a distractor.

This is the crux of Cleon Skousen's book "the Naked Capitalist" where he analyzes the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley, where Quigley spells out the whole plan.

The key is that the Fabians are not Socialists but Globalists. And it is likely that when America meets crisis, we will voluntarily give ourselves over to them and abandon the Constitution in favor of a globalist government to save us.

This documentary purposefully leaves out Satan's true Globalist agenda. Satan wants to rebuild the Tower of Babel society they call the "New World Order".

The problem with Communism is that you know your a slave. That is why Communism can never endure for long. However, in the Globalist System you are a slave but think you are free.

If we give up national sovereignty to the globalist, they will sterilize us via GMO and immunizations and blame it on the radiation. Then the only way to conceive will be through advanced fertility and maybe transforming stem cells (NPR just last month talking about in the future all children born in a test tube).

[Georgia Guidestones: guide reproduction wisely- improving fitness and diversity.]

Then the Fabians become our breeders where they breed humans like dogs by genetic subtraction to perform certain tasks. Yes, transhumanists might have a longer armspan, torso, and bigger feet and can swim faster. However, thats all we can do. The ruling class, like wolves, will become a genetically superior master race, bread to rule over the human family . The rest of us will be bread to be slaves.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Independent Monetary System

There are numerous conspiracy videos online designed to make the opposition look silly. And they are very effective. Truth is the Book of Mormon warns us about conspiracy infiltration. Washington politicians talk endlessly about "special interests". And we are all helplessly watching the US econony swirl the toilet.

All the stuff about central banking control and the FED is mostly true. The problem is that our money is controlled by the Fabian Globalists. We can't fix this country without 1. Repentance. 2. developing an independent monetary system.

Gold is not a good system. The problem with Gold alone is there just isnt enough (hoarding). This is a major excuse for fractional reserves. No currency has ever been 100% gold backed. Every gov that issues gold-backed currency always prints more $ than gold

The correct monetary system will be a full-reserve/monetary-based system where currency is based on land, real-estate, and all proven natural resources (gold also). Think of the third world. Every country has land and can build houses and buildings and has some natural resources. Therefore, every nation should be able to print their own currency sufficient so that their people can buy and develop the land, build houses, and mine their natural resources.

Loans are the point of money creation. Loans to buy land, loans to build houses, loans to mine resources should be interest-free/non-profit/fee-based. There should be no inflation. This system is called the "Safety Society System".

We could fix the world economy right now if we could get rid of all the Gads. Thats what gives me hope is knowing there is a solution. I've written several posts on SSS that explain it in more detail.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Brief History of Conspiracy

"in almost any situation the best explanation is incompetence rather than conspiracy". --Nicholas Kristof on Obama debate failure.

We know that "if we fail to learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it.". However, we also know that, "history is written by the victor." unfortunately, in spite of what pop culture teaches us; the good guys don't always win.

Consequently, when it comes to the people that seek for ultimate power in this world, they are very interested in writing their own version of history so that even the well-meaning student of history is deceived and children of darkness can continue using the same secrets to dominate and enslave mankind as they have throughout our 6000-year history on this Earth.

1. In the beginning, we read how Satan was busy convincing Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I think we can assume that God has created other Earths and similar things happened on those Earths. Except in the case of Adam and Eve, we read that Satan is cursed. That curse I believe limited Satan's ability to travel from world to world and Lucifer himself became confined to this Earth. While Lucifer has many spirits that follow him, (a third part of heaven) of all the worlds God has made, this is the one Lucifer is confined to, and this is the one where the Son of God would be born. Could it be possible that, even in the pre-mortal existence, Satan assigned followers to align with Christ, receive bodies, and infiltrate and subvert the good side?

2. After Cain kills Able we see some of the descendants of Adam making blood oaths and keeping secrets upon penalty of death. These early secrets involved how to acquire wealth and control and enslave others to your will. Why keep secrets? Because if everyone knew them, there would be no way to accumulate more material goods than your neighbor.

3. Early on, the economy of the Earth was agrarian and involved bartering goods produced at home (cottage industry). The Bible tells us that some the descendants of Adam (sons of God) looked upon the daughters of man (Neanderthal) and intermarried with them producing hybrid offspring known as the Cro-Magnon (nephalim). Why did humans and Neanderthal mix? Money and power. Multiple Neanderthal wives and hundreds of Giant Cro-Magnon offspring could be easily controlled, enslaved, and used to enrich their master. The Biblical flood washed the slate clean and the descendants of Adam were given another chance. [4000 bc - 2500 bc]
4. However, it didn't take long for the people of the Earth to descend again into corruption. At the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, the government and language and cultures of the people were unified. In addition to the tower of Babel itself, was the oppressive society required to enslave the people and coerce them into building these sorts of projects. Babel consolidated both political, economic and religious power into one. The people had one language, one government, one culture. and one god; but their god was not Jehovah. It is likely that Babel likely suffered some sort of severe decades-long drought that caused the breaking up of this first great post-flood Empire. [2000 bc]

5. While languages evolved and changed, so did the corrupt pagan religion of Babel. However, out of all of the nations, we read about Abraham being led by God to Melchizedek to be taught of the pure and original religion of Jehovah. However, another famine forced Israel to Egypt where the family was saved by Joseph in Egypt. After several hundred years of peace and prosperity, the Israelites fell into complacency, then apostasy and then bondage. Moses miraculously delivers Israel from Egypt and leads them back to Canaan. [1500 - 1000 bc]

6. After several hundred years of relative prosperity but continual war due to the failure of the tribe of Dan to take their inheritance. Israel is an island of true belief surrounded by an ocean of corruption. That corruption infiltrated northern Israel beginning with Dan and led to the eventual division and destruction of the Northern Kingdom by Assyria. The Southern Kingdom is prodded into repentance by Isaiah and the South is miraculously preserved. However, this repentance didn't last and the Southern Kingdom was eventually taken into captivity by Babylon. [500 bc]

7. After many years in exile, Israel is allowed by Persia to return home and rebuild the temple. But something happened following the fall of the Babylonian empire by Persia. During the time of Isaiah, if you wanted to practice the religion of Babel, you could openly practice it. The religion of Babel involves going to a designated grove of trees and engaging in religiously sanctioned drug abuse, ritual prostitution, sodomy, cannibalism, and infanticide. Whatever the people did in a grove reaffirmed their subservience to Satan. Conversely, everything that happens in the Jewish temple serves to reaffirm the believers devotion to Jehovah, the grove was the antithesis of the temple.

8. After the fall of Babylon, the religion of Babel goes underground, and becomes a Mystery Religion where only the elite and the initiated participate. And the region is shrouded in secrecy and symbols. The elite and initiated then create an alternative religion for the "Goyim" which is overly strict in its outward observance yet morally permissive. The religion of the masses emphasizes work and absolute submission to authority.

9. Something else happens about the time Moses delivers Israel. Money is invented. Now people can have a common medium of exchange, live in larger cities, and better specialize in the production or trade of a particular good or service. The creation of money does something else. The control of money facilitates imports and exports and the control of money and trade rivals the power of governments and religion. Before the rise of the Roman Empire, the Phoenicians dominate all sea trade. In modern terms, the Phoenicians are the original Walmart.

10. At the time of Jesus Christ, the Babylonian Mystery religion had infiltrated Jewish leadership as well as controlled the Roman Empire. It was this infiltration and apostasy of Israel that led to the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and the eventual destruction of Jerusalem, the temple, and scattering of Israel. The element of corrupt Babylonian religion within Judaism is referred to as mysticism or Kabbalah. Like Judaism, Christianity and Islam both struggle against Babylonian corruption in Gnosticism and Sufism.

11. The Greek and Roman Republics were great and initially successful experiments in direct and representative democracy. However, prosperity brought complacency, and these governments were soon infiltrated, ideals subverted and corrupted until they were transformed into Empires and destroyed from within and without.

12. The fall of the Roman Empire centered around a trade deficit with China and a welfare state promising free bread and circus. Roman sent gold to China in exchange for spices and opium. The need for more gold led to the need to expand their territory and bring in more tribute. However, there were not enough citizens to supply the Roman Legions. The Marian Reforms (Dream Act) granted Germanic Barbarians rights to land and citizenship if they served in the Legion. Later, when benefits were cut back, Odoacer, led the Barbarian Foeterati in an insurrection that was the fatal blow to the Empire.

13. Not long after the martyrdom of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire realized that it could not stop the spread of Christianity. They just could not feed enough Christians to the lions. So instead, they decided to take over control the religion. The Empire called many ecumenical councils, and blended pagan and Christian observance into a new state-sponsored religion.

14. At this time, the Catholic Church over-interprets the doctrine of "usury" by prohibiting the collection of any fees on lending. This prohibition did two things. 1. Because the average person could not cover the costs of lending, a credit black market appeared. 2. Credit-starved Europe languished for 1000 years in a serf/feudal, third-world state without development.

15. The earliest banking institutions were Jewish-owned pawn shops called Lombards. Jews didn't fall under the Catholic prohibition.

16. However, the Roman Empire had a problem. Even though they had killed off all of the Christian leadership, there were 4 other early Christian capitals that claimed equal religious authority to Rome: Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople. Rome was having increasing problems maintaining religious control. So, they had to destroy them. The problem is that doing so would not appear Christ-like.

17. The first thing Rome did is call for a crusade to take Jerusalem. However, you will remember the crusaders stopped off at Constantinople on the way to Jerusalem and sacked it. They also took Antioch.

18. Rome couldn't come up with a legitimate reason to attack Alexandria ao they devised another plan. They created another religion to do it for them. It has come out by ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera that it was revealed to him in a meeting at the Vatican that Rome created the religion of Islam. Islam was then used to destroy all the Christians out of North Africa, Spain, and finally Alexandria. It is said, the red fez represents a traditionally white hat dipped in the blood of Christians and Jews at the city of Fez, Morocco. The Muslims penetrated deep into Spain killing non-Catholic Christians and Jews until they met Charlemagne. The Muslims never attacked Rome.

19. The Catholic Church created 2 orders to administer the Crusades: the Templars and Hospitallers (Order of Malta). The Templars assisted crusaders and pilgrims in their passage and protection to Jerusalem. The Hospitallers operated the hospital in Jerusalem. Because its nearly impossible to protect gold from robbers, the Templars created a system of banks or Templar houses where pilgrims could deposit their gold, mortgage their land, and receive a ciphered document allowing them to make withdrawals at Templar houses along the way. This new banking system was so lucrative, subsequent crusades focused on cleansing Europe of the Jews and their Lombard pawnshops.

20. After hundreds of years the Templar became the most powerful order of the Catholic Church. Since many could not afford to pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Templars in France encouraged small towns and cities throughout Europe to take out enormous loans and build magnificent cathedrals. They also sold them knock-off Christian relics promising them increased religious tourism to stimulate their economy. The "Pilgrims Guide" was published letting tourists know where to sleep and eat and which Cathedrals to visit. Many towns never could repay their loans and were forced to hand over control of taxation and industry to the banks.

21. Templar Houses start issuing gold and silver certificates instead of actual gold. Then they realize that most people never withdraw their gold from the bank and they can issue more gold and silver certificates than actual gold in deposit. And then they make loans for more money than they actually have in deposit. This, fractional reserve banking and lending is born.

22. King Philip of France had taken out large loans with the Templars to fund his war with England. The Templars created the "Sangre Real" myth (Christ's descendants intermarried with the Merovingian Line) to rival the King's "Divine Right". Philip tortured Templars (Friday the 13th) into true and false confessions and uses these confessions to convince the Pope to disband the order. King Philip seizes Templar assets in France, Elsewhere, Templar assets are transferred to the Hospitallers (Order of Malta). Templars flee and become the seed of Scottish/York Rite Masony, Rosicrucian, and Teutonic Orders.

23. Hospitallers became the Black Venetian Nobility and started Venetian and Florence Banks. Venetian Banks organized the Mongols under Ghangis Khan. The bankers transferred technology to the Moguls regarding the stirrup allowing them to shoot a bow and arrow white still in the saddle. The Mongols were used to scour China of its gold. Chinese gold was then used in Europe to crash the value of the Florin, bankrupt Florence banks, send Europe into a depression. At this time, the Mongols invaded Europe and spread Black Death. 50% of the population of Europe died of the plague. Europe then entered into the Hundred-Years War.

24. Constantinople forsakes the iconoclast movement. The Hundred-Years War ends with the Turkish siege and fall of Constantinople. Finally, Rome has destroyed the last rival Christian capital. Religious scholars flee throughout Europe and become the seeds of the Reformation. The crescent moon and star on the flags of Turkey, and many Muslim and Communist countries, represents the conjunction of a crescent moon and Venus on the night of the fall of Constantinople.

25. The De Medici Family restart banks in Florence, bankroll the Renaissance, and eventually buy the Papacy. Hapsburgs rule the Holy Roman Empire.

26. Power shifts to the Spanish Empire, followed by the French Empire, followed by the British Empire.

27. Nathan Rothschild receives word first that Britain's Duke of Wellington was victorious over France's Napoleon. Rothschild begins selling is consuls (stock) causing a market crash. Everyone assumes England lost. Then just before the official announcement is made that England was victorious, Rothschild buys up 1/2 the British Empire for pennies on the dollar in one move. Rothschild sons start banks across Europe. Rothschild Banks operate on fractional reserve lending.

28, America declares its Independence over desire to have control over currency and credit and not just "taxation without representation." Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, begins Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Illuminati driven out from Bavaria and taken in by Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Colberg-Gotha. British, and Dutch Royal Families are Saxe-Colberg-Gothe. Fabian Socialists/Illuminati sponsor the French Revolution and destroy the French Monarchy.

29. American Civil War fought over question of tariffs trade. North Industrializes early. South industrializes late due to dependence on slaves. Eventually the machine beats the man. South resents having to pay higher prices to the north for machinery. South prefers to purchase cheap slave-produced imports from India. Pres. Lincoln takes out a loan from Rothschild in London but later learns the Rothschild bank in France is funding the South. Pres. Lincoln stops repaying debt and starts printing greenbacks. North wins the war. Pres. Lincoln is assassinated by the bankers.

30. British sponsor Meiji Revolution in Japan and overthrow the Shogunate. British use Japan to invade China and loot the country for its gold.

31. 1911, Globalist Elite meet on Jekyll Island, GA to plan a private US Central Bank known as the Federal Reserve. Globalist arrange opposition leaders to the FED go on a cruise with JP Morgan to discuss the issue. The Titanic is sunk. Men are prohibited from entering into lifeboats at gunpoint. 1913, Globalist controlled Woodrow Wilson elected POTUS. Every POTUS since has been a puppet; republican or democrat. Federal Reserve Act pushed through over Christmas Holiday.

32. England fains weakness, and United States fooled into entering WW1 between British and Germans . WW1 is the beginning of the US Military Industrial Complex, and beginning of US Intelligence Service. Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Spanish Monarchy, Russian Monarchy abolished. Weakened England loses control over poppy and opium in Afghanistan. TC Lawrence sent to organize the Arabs against the Turks in Saudi Arabia. The Arabs given the land and helped to develop their oil if 1. They only sell oil in British Pounds 2. They deposit all oil proceeds in British Banks were the bankers can lend 10:1 on the amount of money deposited.

33. US purposefully provokes Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in a false flag operation. Obsolete battleships left in dock and valuable aircraft carriers knowingly removed. United States fooled into entering WW2 between British, Germans, and Russia. US thinks it won WW2. General Eisenhower pulls General Patton's gas just as they have the German's surrounded and could have ended the war a year early. General Patton is late getting to Berlin and Poland, and FDR gives away all of Eastern Europe to Soviet Union. FDR and Churchill give millions of Cossacks who fought with the Nazi's against the Communists back to Stalin who has most of them murdered or placed into the Siberian Gulag Archipelago. General Patton wakes up to the reality of the conspiracy and is assassinated (Target Patton: the Assassination of General Patton). Japan, upon seeing the US coming from the South, and Russia approaching from the North was surrendering but the US dropped atomic weapons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 2 cities in Japan with the highest percentage of Japanese Christians. US Transfers nuclear secrets and nuclear material for a bomb to the Soviet :Union.

34. US helps China hide gold from Japan in the Philippines. China is impressed that the US appears to not take any land following WW2. China lends the US 1 Trillion in gold in exchange for US Treasury Bonds to fund Bretton-Woods and to establish the US Dollar as the world reserve currency with a promise that the US would help develop the 3rd world. US supports

35. Cecil Rhodes sets up the Round table. Rhodes invests in gold and diamond mines in South Africa and triggers the Bohr War against the Dutch.

36. International Monetary Fund established to make loans for 3rd-world countries. In the end, a few people in the 3rd-world get rich, The people are worked like slaves to large globalist corporations. Corporations pollute the environment and then leave the people with a debt they can never repay. The IMF trades debt foreignness for eternal control over the countries own naturalization resources. America spreads central banking control. The US is responsible for the overthrow of legitimate governments in many countries, replacing them with corrupt leaders who support the globalist-supported central banking control.

37. Robert Welch, founder of John Birch Society warns that liberals and socialists in America desire to destroy America by weakening the currency, driving up deficits and debt. Nationalizing education, give up national sovereignty to international bodies and governments., and expanding social welfare programs. Robert Welch answer to the threat was to educate. However, Welch forgot to mention the demoralization of America. Therefore, without re-moralization, education is no good because darkness cannot comprehend the light.

38. Ben Bernake tells Milton Friedman that he was right all along that the FED and not tariffs (Elder Reed Smoot) caused the Great Depression by contracting the money supply. Ben Bernake makes several speeches about how contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve banking system will trigger a depression. and that the FED was responsible for the Depression and not tariffs. Bank of International Settlement Basil I Accords contract money supply in Japan causing Japanese Lost Decade. 2007, Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords limit fractional reserve requirements, and together with LIBOR manipulation, and housing market abuse, triggering the Great Recession. Exactly what happened to Japan happened the the US. TARP, QE2, QE3 are zero-percent loans by the Federal Government used to supply banks with money which they purchase their own stock and are purchasing US bonds which artificially props up the stock market. Sterilization is keeping the money out of the real economy where it can trigger greater inflation.

39. After US helps Mujaheddin get Russia out of Afghanistan, unexpectedly, the Taliban take over and prohibit Bacha Bazi, and Poppy growing. Poppy growing emergent sent to Burma. Military takes over government to block globalist control. and opium production. Aung san suu kyi uses as propaganda against the military government. 911 used as a false flag terrorist attack to convince the US to go to war against Alqeada in Afghanistan. Yet, alqeada turns out to be Saudi Arabian supported. And once in Afghanistan, the US goes after Taliban referring to the new objective as "target drift". US and British forces have control of opium production and tell the media that they are phasing opium out slowly but stats show that opium production is up 300% since before the Taliban.

40. The US went to war against Iraq, Libya, and now Iran because these countries were selling oil in alternative currencies other than the dollar or attempting to establish a gold-backed rival currency.

41. Every President of the United States since Woodrow Wilson has been controlled by special interests and a member of the Bohemian Grove which is owned by the Bohemian Club in San Fransisco. Globalist meet and discuss world domination at Davos Switzerland, Bilderberg, the Boule, G20, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, International Monetary Fund, World Bank United Nations, Green Valley Media conference. etc.

42. The end goal is to provoke Russia and China to attack the US via a nuclear first strike and invasion. The goal is to have US citizens loose so much faith that they are ready to abandon the US Constitution to be saved by global governance.

43. Fabian Globalists want to implement the Georgia Guidestones. They want to bread humans like dogs to do certain jobs by genetic subtraction. The elite would keep their full expression of genes while the bread the rest of us. NPR reports scientist have just found how create egg and sperm from donor stem cells. Now they report one day babies will be all produced in a test tube and not in bed by the current method. But we should be excited because we can pick out our babies hair color.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Debate

I agree with CNN and NPR that Romney easily won the debate against Pres. Obama last night. Pres. Obama couldn't look Gov. Romney in the eyes the whole evening.

In spite of the clear victory the media attacks Romney on not giving enough specifics. However I'm not sure what they were looking for. Not sure how much more specific you can get when it comes to explaining that instead of raising taxes you can reduce deficits by cutting spending; then lowering tax rates while eliminating exemptions.

By lowering tax rates, government tax revenue increases as businesses pay less tax, hire more employees, reduce unemployment, and increase the number of citizens paying taxes. The State of Michigan demonstrated how raising taxes reduces government revenue because raising tax rates created more unemployment and less people paying taxes.

Not sure how much more specific Romney should've been about becoming more energy independent. What more can you say then he supports drilling in Alaska, drilling offshore, burning clean coal and building pipelines.

How much more specific can you be about healthcare then talking about Romneycare which has already been implemented and works in the state of Massachusetts. The State of Mass helps individual citizens pay for private healthcare.

The truth about specifics is that United States President isn't a dictator. The president should govern on principles and allow the legislature and the individual states to decide the specific details.

This is the problem with Pres Obama who thinks the President should appoint Czars and unelected boards that dictate to the rest of the country exactly what we should do.

It seems much of the mainstream media will concede that Romney easily won the debate but just claimed that nothing in Gov Romney said was true. Now we are seeing the mainstream media trying to debate Romney after-the-fact the way Pres. Obama was unable too.

What are the most compelling things about Romney and his vision plan for America is that it's not a nice sounding theory but is proven. Romney is not just talking about being able to return American to prosperity. Romney spent his life returning American business to profitability. When he was governor of Massachusetts he balanced the budget while lowering taxes. And at the same time getting everyone insured under RomneyCare and maintaining low unemployment and #1 schools.

There is no inaccuracies or lies or 1/2 truths or deception in Romney's record. Romney promises that he can do for America what he has already done for countess businesses, and for Massachusetts.