Saturday, October 27, 2012

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This is an excellent documentary explaining the Fabian Socialist and Globalist agenda to destroy America by destroying American from within by corrupting morality and traditional family values.

The problems with this documentary is that it maintains the false left-right paradigm and doesn't acknowledge the neocon right-wing agenda. Also, it calls for more education as a solution and not a "return to virtue". You can't educate a demoralized individual. Darkness doesn't comprehend the light. Finally, the documentary doesn't say what to do with the X% of dependent Americans. Caring for the poor is still an individual responsibility.

To be clear, it is important to understand that this documentary is done by insiders because Communism is not the enemy. The part I liked was the confessions about their attack on morality and the family. Insiders articulate it so well.

However what will happen at some point is Russia and China will attack the US. Then at that point, the Fabian Globalists are betting that Americans will give up our national sovereignty to some form of neocon globalist government to save us from calamity. Communism is just a distractor.

This is the crux of Cleon Skousen's book "the Naked Capitalist" where he analyzes the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley, where Quigley spells out the whole plan.

The key is that the Fabians are not Socialists but Globalists. And it is likely that when America meets crisis, we will voluntarily give ourselves over to them and abandon the Constitution in favor of a globalist government to save us.

This documentary purposefully leaves out Satan's true Globalist agenda. Satan wants to rebuild the Tower of Babel society they call the "New World Order".

The problem with Communism is that you know your a slave. That is why Communism can never endure for long. However, in the Globalist System you are a slave but think you are free.

If we give up national sovereignty to the globalist, they will sterilize us via GMO and immunizations and blame it on the radiation. Then the only way to conceive will be through advanced fertility and maybe transforming stem cells (NPR just last month talking about in the future all children born in a test tube).

[Georgia Guidestones: guide reproduction wisely- improving fitness and diversity.]

Then the Fabians become our breeders where they breed humans like dogs by genetic subtraction to perform certain tasks. Yes, transhumanists might have a longer armspan, torso, and bigger feet and can swim faster. However, thats all we can do. The ruling class, like wolves, will become a genetically superior master race, bread to rule over the human family . The rest of us will be bread to be slaves.

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