Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benghazi Attack

Had the WhiteHouse administration just called the Benghazi attack, a terrorist attack, from the beginning, the media and the American people and the people probably wouldn't be as concerned. Notwithstanding the tragic and terrible loss of 4 Americans including a US Ambassador and 2 Navy Seals.

But, the WH and even the President himself before the UN had to keep on saying the attack was a spontaneous demonstration over an obscure YouTube video.

Now we know the WH purposely lied and tried to coverup and misrepresent what happened in Benghazi. Why would the President lie about this. Why couldn't the President just say we were attacked when we were attacked?

But that's not all. When intel and emails came forward that the Benghazi attack was an attack, and the WhiteHouse doubled down on their story saying, we were just saying what we were told. So they blame the YouTube video story on bad Intelligence.

But know it has come out that drones were in the air, and live video, emails, panic flash traffic were sent directly from Benghazi directly to the WH situation room. Also, that military and intelligence and State Dept. were in continual radio communications throughout the attack.

So, now when it comes to the question. "why didn't they send help?" We have Secretary of Defense Panetta saying "you don't send in people into harms way unless you know what's going on". But as VP Joe Biden would say, 'that's a bunch a malarkey'.

The US Consulate in Benghazi came under attack. The panic button was pressed. On-call US special forces units in Tripoli and Italy who would normally respond were told to stand down and did not respond to the attack. Who gave the order? Gen. Petraeus says it wasn't him or AFRICOM.

But, that's not the end of it. Because it's not just Ambassador Stevens here. There is the issue of the 2 Navy Seals. Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were staying in a safe house of Annex a mile from the US Consulate. When they realized the Consulate was under attack, they defied orders to respond to defend the Consulate. The Seals were looking for missing shoulder-fire missiles.

It turns out the American Heroes Woods and Doherty got into the US Consulate, helped 30 people to escape, could not find the US Ambassador who was hiding somewhere in the US Consulate, after making sure 30 people were evacuated from the Consulate, Woods and Doherty made their way back to the Annex.

But then unexpectedly, the mob started attacking the safehouse or Annex and 7 hours after the attack, the attackers brought in a mortar and stated shelling the Annex. All the while, Woods and Doherty were in contact with the military asking for air support. They had a laser pointed at the mortar position which would have guided a bomb or a middle from a plane or helicopter to take out the mortar position. No help was sent and 7 hours after that attack stated. Woods and Doherty were killed by Mortar attack on the Annex.

From YouTube video it is clear the attackers were after the Ambassador.

1. How did the attackers know Ambassador Stevens would be at the US Consulate in Benghazi?
2. Why was security being handled by Libyans and not Americans?
3. Why was Ambassador Stevens no-where to be found? How could have everyone there just lost him?
4. Who and why where the seals at the annex told to stand down?
5. How did the attackers find our about the location of the safe house (annex)?
6. Why were the navy seals held up in the safe house denies air support (Spectre Gunship) and allowed to be killed by mortar fire?
7. Finally, why would to WH lie to the American about the attack being a 'spontaneous demonstration' and then lying again about being given bad intel, and lying again about not knowing what was going on?

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